Kioshi Knight
Alter Ego: Kioshi Knight

Age: 14

Eye Colour: red

Hair Colour: dark brown

Height: 5’2

Weight: 110 lbs

Personality: quiet (duh), laid back almost to the point of emotionless, defensive, loyal, suspicious/untrusting, proud

Powers: flight, teleportation, super stealth, intangibility and an expert in hand-to-hand combat. She can use the edges of her high density polymerized titanium cape as a blade to slice through things.

Weakness: Because of her lack of trust towards others, she is naturally hesitant and resigned when it comes to team work or bonding activities. She is also proud, so if she needs help, she won’t admit it.

Story: When Kioshi was born, her father, Kyd Wykkyd, and her mother, Angel, instantly knew she was going to be a hero. Kioshi was not born a mute, but when she was kidnapped at age seven, a man named Slade sliced her vocal chords, permanently damaging them. She was saved por a boy, who found her and brought her to a hospital. They became close friends, then fell in amor at age 10. I know that seems unrealistic, but both were wise beyond their years, so it makes sense. Anyways, one day, the couple went to take Slade down with their other friend, a girl whom had spotted the pair stealing Slade’s warehouse map files and joined in four months earlier then the current raid. It had turned out to be a trap and the boy had to pick between Kioshi or the new, and mais flirtatious, girl. He picked the new girl, leaving Kioshi to die. It was then when Kioshi discovered her powers of teleportation and had teleported home. She lost her trust for everyone that day, aside from her parents. At age 12, Kioshi donned a costume identical to her fathers and started calling herself ‘Wikyd’. She was trained por her father, Kyd Wykkyd on use of her cape and in fighting. Her mother trained her on air fighting techniques. And thus came Wikyd.

Notes: Though she’s mute, she has a telepathic voice. Kioshi is also an amazing dancer and uses dance as a way of speaking.

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My fail drawing of Wikyd