Because I'm awesome XD
oi everyone! It's me, Skittles98, but you could probably see that. I just wanted you to know a couple things about my articles:

1) I have made an account on and am currently posting artigos on there. They're called Barrier and are por Archers98Rule (me).

2)I also made an account on, but use it less frequently. I go por Enchantress98

3) I will not be conmtinuing my current artigos on this site. It will be continuing on some of the above sites (as soon as I figure out how to work

So, yeah. That's it. I'll give you guys atualizações about when chapters are posted and still participate in everything, I just won't be an active writer anymore. And feel free to contact me por PM on any of the sites telling me where I should go seguinte with my articles. TTYL :)
Because I felt like it XD