Sorry about the long wait; I got lost on the road of life ;)

When I woke up and looked around, I was half expecting to see the run down house I used to live in. Instead, I woke to my new crimson room. The paint reminded me of fall leaves. I stretched and found a blue bundle at the end of my bed. I picked up the note.
“Time to go and meet some friends. Put this on, Sapphire” Dad used my ‘super-name’. I quickly slipped it on and tied my hair into a pónei, pônei tail. I flew out and down the stairs. I whipped passed Alfred, my wake ripping the duster from his hand. I quickly flew back, placed it in his hand and flew off again. I flew to the grandfather clock and into the elevator shaft. I flew down. When I got to the elevator, I quickly undid the screws and slid in. I pressed the button to open the doors and quickly flew out. I flew right up to batman and Robin.
“I’m here” I said breathlessly
“Okay. I’m glad the suit fits. Anyway, some things to know before we go: Nobody knows my or Dicks identity. Nobody is to know yours. Try not to fight with your teammates. And don’t touch anyone, hand to skin unless you get their permission” batman ordered
“Okay. Now let’s go!” I said. Robin smiled at my excitement. We were suddenly enveloped in light. I looked around and saw the cave I first entered in. Except, now it was empty except for the three of us.
“So, where are the friends you wanted me to meet?” I asked eagerly
“They’ll be here in a minute” batman said. He put his hand up to his ear. He said something. Suddenly, a young boy came running. He was followed minutos later por a girl with green skin who was arm and arm with a boy with an S-shield on his chest. They were followed por a girl talking with a tall young man with skin the colour of leite chocolate. I stepped closer to batman and Robin. Robin smiled reassuringly at me. batman cleared his throat and they all stopped talking.
“Everyone, this is my daughter, Sapphire” he said. Everyone stared open mouthed at me. I took another step closer to batman and Robin.
“Who’s her mom?” one of them asked
“Wonder Woman” batman said. He looked down on me and gently shoved me forwards. I stepped closer. I smiled timidly.
“Uh…hi” I said quietly. Robin put his hand on my shoulder and walked me over.
“Okay, the guy with the red hair is Kid Flash, the girl he totally has the hot’s for is Artemis, the guy she was talking with is Aqualad, our team leader, the girl with green skin is Miss Martian, the guy beside her is Super Boy, and of course you already know me” he smirked
“So, angel, what’s your name?” Kid Flash asked
“If I wanted you to know, I would’ve told you, now wouldn’t I?” I glared
“Has the same temper as Wonder Woman, too” he muttered