The boy sat on the large, fancy chair.
“Dick, this is my and Diana’s daughter, Evelyn Veronica Isabelle Lang” he explained
“Your…daughter?” the boy asked
“Yes. We lost her in a storm six years before you were here” Dad said
“This is totally whelming. Why would you keep this secret from me, Bruce?” the boy demanded
“Dick, now isn’t the time. I’m making it your job to show her around the mansion, find a room for her and tell her who you are” Dad ordered
“Fine, but don’t think that we’re done talking about this” he nodded.
“I’m Dick Grayson. I’ll be your tour guide for today” he said gloomily
“Hi Dick. I’m Evelyn” I smiled. I followed him through the house. We passed an old man in a tuxedo.
“Alfred, this is Evelyn, Bruce’s daughter. Evelyn, this is Alfred, our butler and good friend” Dick said
“Master Dick, would you like me to take over?” Alfred asked
“Please. I have some things to talk to Bruce about” Dick said, running off.
“Why did you call Dick Master?” I asked
“Because that is the polite thing to do. As his butler, he is my Master, along with Master Bruce. When I address you, I shall say Mistress Evelyn” he explained
“If you don’t mind, I prefer being called Miss Evelyn” I smiled timidly
“Of course, Miss Evelyn. Now shall we find you a change of clothes?” he asked. I nodded. He led me to a room filled with clothes.
“These belonged to Mistress Barbra once. She out grew them, so I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you borrowed some” Alfred said. I found a nice pair of blue jeans, some nice purple flats, a really great purple tee-shirt and a soft grey sweater. I found some gloves and slipped them on. I walked out of the room and shyly smiled at Alfred.
“Miss Evelyn, you look spectacular” he said enthusiastically “Now shall we depart to the living area. I’m sure Master Bruce and Master Dick would like to show you some things”
“Okay” I nodded. I followed Alfred down the large staircase to the room we entered in. Dick and my Dad were discussing something. I cleared my throat. Bruce and Dick both turned.
“Evelyn, you look amazing” My dad said kindly
“Aren’t those Barbra’s clothes?” Dick asked
“Yes Master Dick. They are clothes she grew out of” Alfred said before I could say anything “Does your dorm mate look good?”
“Yeah, sure, whatever” he muttered. I looked away, crest-fallen. When Alfred noticed, he gently placed a hand on my shoulder.
“Give Master Dick time. He will eventually come around” Alfred said. I saw the way Dick scowled at me and I wasn’t so sure I agreed with Alfred.