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He blinked up at me and suddenly, his eyes were green.
“Wally!” I screeched. All of a sudden, my ex-team mates surrounded me.
“Come back with us” Robin urged
“And if I don’t?” I asked “You can’t force me”
“They can’t. But I can” batman said
“What can you do?” I laughed nervously.
“I can tell them who you are” he said. My blood froze.
“You wouldn’t” I hissed. The team was suddenly confused.
“What’s so wrong with who you are?” Robin asked
“Batman, if you do, it would not help your cost. They wouldn’t want me” I pointed out
“I don’t care if they want you or not. You’re joining this team” he growled
“Batman, you are in no position to be making threats” I snarled
“And how so?” he asked. Suddenly, Wanda, Laurna, Kurt and a girl with dark brown, almost black hair poofed up. The girl who I didn’t know had green eyes and was wearing a black flowered dress. Tied around her waist was an avental with a large rosa, -de-rosa bow at the back. She had black and white striped stockings and black gótico boots on. On her wrists were rosa, -de-rosa bracers made from a soft material. I raised an eyebrow at Wanda.
Eclipse” she mouthed. I nodded. The four new mutants joined me.
“This is why you are in no position to make threats” I growled. batman quickly scanned over the mutants.
“Line ‘em up” he barked. Miss Martian, Super Boy and Aqualad were literally on the verge of lunging. I went to pull out my playing cards, but soon realized they were gone.
“Shit” I muttered. Robin pulled out his bow staff. It was a metal bow staff. I looked at Laurna, who smirked and used her affinity for magnetism and took it from the Boy Wonder and gave it to me.
“Thanks” I grinned. My grin faded as the team lunged. Kurt grabbed us all and teleported us. He did that again and again until we came upon the island alarm. Wanda activated it.
“All mutants. There are seven humans on the island. I repeat, seven humans are on the island. You know what to do” Wanda said. Alarms blared around the paradise. Then, one por one, the alarms shut off.
“Wanda-“ Kurt started
“I’m not doing it” she interrupted. A light cackle flew through the air. A smoke pellet was thrown down.
“Robin” I snarled. Suddenly, Eclipse was gone. Then Laurna. Then Wanda.
“Kurt-!” I said. Then, a familiar snarl was cast through the smoke. I heard the sound of metal claws and then a red beam was shot through the smoke. I ducked as an almost fully ice-encased Artemis slid passed. Only her head was free.
“I called in some friends” Kurt grinned