Kurt pulled the gauze out and gingerly wrapped it around my wound. I bit my lip as pain shot through my arm.
"Why did they want you?" Wanda asked
"I was bait. Bait for a certain father that never cared for me" I spat. Laura, Wanda and Laurna all snarled in unison.
"You misunderstand, mon Cheri. I do care for my daughter" Remy said, coming up to us.
"Gambit" I snarled
"Bon soir, mon ami" he grinned. I slapped him across the face.
"You're the reason I'm in this mess in the first place!" I shrieked
“And I am sorry you had to get involved with our family rivalry” he said
“No you’re not. You’re probably glad so now I can never return to my início without being attacked por Rippers” I snarled
“Ryella, you know I never wanted you to get into my business” he said
“Well, thanks to you, I am now” I growled, turning my back on him.
“Ryella, please” he pleaded
“If y’all want me, I’ll be somewhere at Mardi Gras” I snarled before storming off.


I walked around Mardi Gras, not really caring who stared at me. It was Mardi Gras; people stared at everyone.
“Bon soir, Madame” someone said. I looked around and saw a young teen boy with raven black hair and a mask covering his eyes. I immediately recognized his voice.
“What do you want, Robin?” I hissed
“Come back” he insisted
“No. I’m going solo. If you need or want my help, you have it. Just don’t expect me sittin’ around that cave of yours and playing hero every time batman wants me to. I’m done with that. Robin, what am I?” I asked
“Um…a girl?” he shrugged
“Aside from the obvious” I rolled my eyes
“You’re a…mutant, was it?” he said
“Exactly. Someone like me doesn’t belong with people like you. I belong here” I handed him a flyer. It was crumpled from being in my pocket so long, but aside from that was in good condition.
“Genosha? What’s that?” he asked
“It’s an island paradise for mutants run por the Scarlet Witch. It’s the only real seguro place for me” I said