“Hey, you’re Remy’s kid, ain’t ya?” one asked
“Maybe. And maybe I’m an Arabian slave trader here to collect this little lady to sell for two stallions” I sneered. Laura laughed.
“Yup, that’s her” one nodded
“Anyways, what’s it to you who I am?” I asked
“Well, we’re the Ripper’s, and we want Remy dead” the lead one said
“Your point?”
“Well, we’ll need bait to get him down here. And if he knows his daughter is here, he’ll come get her” he continued
“Pass” I said, getting up.
“It wasn’t an option” he smirked. Laura snarled.
“Don’t use your powers” I hissed. She gave me a questioning look, but nodded. I brought out my bow staff.
“Now ya’ll, I don’t want trouble. So just mover before I rearrange your face” I glared at them. They all laughed. I smacked one in the head, knocking him out cold.
“You made me angry. You will not like me when I’m angry” I snarled. They all laughed again. I heard a thump and Laura was on the floor.
“Laura!” I exclaimed, kneeling beside her. I saw an ugly bloody welt on her fore head. I guy was standing above her with a bloodied corvo bar. I snarled and pulled off my necklace.
“You wanna dance? Let’s dance!” I snarled, charging my necklace. I threw it at him. He was blasted into the wall. I pulled out my earrings and charged them.
“Go now” I snarled
“Why?” he asked
“Do you like where your face is placed?” I asked
“Yeah” he nodded
“Then leave me alone before it moves into a less desired place” In growled
“You think you can hold yourself against all of us?” he laughed
“No. I know I can beat all of you” I corrected. They all growled and lunged at me. My hair loosed itself, growing long and smacked them away. I smacked and slashed my way out of the bar, Laura slung over my shoulder. When I got out, I charged a parking meter and it exploded, shooting coins at my pursuers. I ran off with Laura. Before I could make it very far, one of the ‘Rippers’ jumped me and knocked me out. The last thing I saw was a man standing over me.


I woke up tied to a chair. I struggled to get out, but the knots were surprisingly tight. A man came in.
“Where’s Remy?” he asked. I shrugged. He slapped me across the face.