Gambette's Mardi Gras Costume
I dropped Gambit. I stepped towards them. They all backed up.
“Y-you’re not actually scared of me…are you?” I asked. None of them answered. My eyes widened. I ran off.
“Gambette to Batman. I’m out. If you want me, have fun trying to find me” I said, before throwing my comm. unit on the ground. I ran to the industrial area of New York City and saw a train pulling away. On one box it said New Orleans. I grinned and hopped in. I pulled my capa tight around my body. As long as I didn’t use my powers, I would be fine. No one would be able to track me. I dozed off. I woke to the train screeching to a halt. It was around 10:00 pm. I walked through dark alley ways to the town square. I could here the jumpy música of Mardi Gras a mile away. I grinned and my hair changed por itself, shortening itself and curling. As I walked por a girl, I grabbed her ribbon from her neck and quickly tied it in my hair, like a pony. I walked into a local costume comprar and quickly bought a bunch of new clothes, including a masquerade mask. I changed into them and walked through the streets. I listen joyfully to the music. I walked into a bar. A bunch of men gave me odd looks.
“What? Never seen a girl before?” I snarled, sitting at a mesa, tabela in the corner. I girl with dark brown hair and eyes to match came over to my table. Her hair was pulled into a tight bun and she was wearing a simple black and gold mask. She wore a long black over coat, with black pants, black boots and a black choker and black gloves. Everything was highlighted with a little gold.
“Gambette?” she asked
“What’s it to you?” I asked
“I got a message for you. From Remy” she said
“Who are you?” I asked
“A friend of Logan” she grinned. I noticed her canine teeth were longer than average.
“Laura?” I whispered
“Yes” she nodded. I hugged her.
“I haven’t seen you in so long! How have you been?” I asked, sitting her down.
“Good. But now to why I’m here. Remy contacted me and told me to try and find you. It was pretty easy, considering this is your início town” she grinned again.
“So, what’s the message?” I asked. She handed me a small note. It was some sort of sign-up sheet. For the Brother Hood. I snarled and ripped it up.
“I can’t believe he would send this to me! After what happened!” I exclaimed, smacking my hand on the table. The men who gave me odd looks came over.