In the blink of an eye, Quick Silver was holding me in a head lock.
“Sorry, kid” he said.
“So am I” I said before flipping him over my head. I pulled out a communicator.
“Gambette to Scarlet Witch! Pietro is back. He’s here in New York with the Brother Hood. I need some help” I said. Domino quickly loaded her guns.
“Scatter!” I yelled, flipping over behind a corner. Domino shot at me a couple times before moving in. I brought out my bow staff. As she came around the corner, I smacked her up-side the head, knocking her out.
“Sorry, D. If you had joined me, I wouldn’t have had to do that” I apologized. I felt the ground shake. I watched as the team, minus Miss Martian, fell. I ran up to Avalanche, despite the rumbling ground and smacked him in the head. Hard.
“Bad choice, little girl” he growled. Rocks spurred up from the ground. I used the inertia to shoot myself at the helicopter. I put my hands on it.
“Brother Hood, Surrender or the copter is gunna blow” I ordered. They immediately stopped fighting.
“You wouldn’t. You would kill yourself in the blast!” Toad exclaimed
“Yeah, but it would also take out a band of evil mutants” I pointed out. Domino pointed her armas at me.
“Don’t do it, G” she said
“She’s right, you know” said a new voice. I turned and saw Scarlet Witch standing there with Laurna and Night Crawler.
“Took you long enough” I said, dis-charging the helicopter. We all attacked the Brother Hood. Laurna walked calmly through the fight. When someone tried to get near her, she would beijoca, smack them with something aleatório like a metal man hole, or a metal lamp post, basically anything metal. Wanda went straight after Pietro. Kurt, well, Kurt just went at anyone. But I went straight at Gambit. My hair grew and whipped around me. I found him sneaking up on Robin. I brought out my bow staff and whipped it at him. It smacked him in the head. His head snapped up and he glared at me.
“Robin, move” I ordered. He used his head and moved. It was like the whole world melted away, leaving only me and Gambit. I brought out my extra bow staff and extended it. We slashed at each other, neither uttering a word. He finally pinned me down.
“You could never beat me. You were always to scared that you were going to hurt someone; always too soft” he sneered. I kicked him off of me.
“Enough” I snarled, lunging at him. I attacked him with everything I had. He was on the defensive now. I picked him up, charging his coat.
“I’m not scared of you” I snarled
“But look who’s scared of you” he grinned. I looked over my shoulder and saw everyone staring at me. They looked…afraid.
“But look who’s scared of you”