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Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted over a year ago
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Artemis was astounded por what had happened lately. If there was one thing she knew it was that the Boy Wonder was protective of his friends. But recently, he'd become even mais protective...especially towards her. After he'd been taken down por Red Tornado's siblings, he seemed to be trying to prove his worth. To the team, to her, and maybe to himself. But everyone knew how irriplaceable robin was and, although they didn't know much about him, they respected him. So why this determination all of a sudden? If only they hadn't promised each other Megan wouldn't read the minds of her teammates. Maybe they would know what was going through Robin's head. Artemis shook her head; trying to convince Robin was not an easy task. Actually, getting him to say anything he didn't want to was a hard task. So all they could do was reach out and await any response he gave them.

Robin continued to hold himself over the bars even as his arms started shaking. He had messed up in fighting the rouge androids. Things hadn't gone as he planned but what bugged him the most was how easy it was for him to be taken down. He'd escaped tougher situations with only scratches. So why had he...