These are the results of my countdown of the favorito young heroines of disney, actually the first countdown ever for the young heroines. These results were actually kinda surprising, however I can't argue because the comments left were pretty much reasonable. I'm not saying I completely agree with the results but I'm fairly happy with the results.

Well, I don't know much about her so I guess I'll pick her for now DX -Kiraragirl200
I knew she'd be the first to leave! However I thought people would vote for her because she's voice por Miley Cyrus, which is a stupid reason. But I was proven wronge, they voted for her because they either haven't seen the movie or they just like the others more. Either way the newest member didn't make it so high and was in dead last place. But I amor her and think she's better than some of these girls.

9.Wendy(Peter Pan)
Wendy annoys me with her wussiness. -ajotma
This shocked me most of all! I thought that she would make it to the topo, início 2 but ironic she's in the bottom 2. While there was a few that admired her calling her charming, caring, and sweet most people didn't like her at all. They found her weak, spinless, boring, and a few people actually thought she was stupid. I can't say I disagree with the people who voted against her, those are the same reasons I don't like her. I don't hate or dislike her, just a neutral feeling. I would have said the countdown was rigged but most of the comments left when she was eliminated were her's. Looks like little miss popular ain't so popular after all!

8.Shanti(The Jungle Book)
I suppose, It's been too ling since I've last seen the JB2, so my vote is based on seeing her in the first JB (we only see her for like 30 seconds) -kiraragirl200
Even though nobody really left a comment for her I'm not really shocked that she left. Since most people have just seen her in the original where all she did was sing, flirt, be seductive, and look beautiful. In the segundo most people probably just found her being bossy, paranoid, strict, and kill-joy attitude as annoying. But also some people, who could possibly like her in the sequel haven't seen the sequel. Even though I don't have her high on my list I like the way she is in the sequel, she's charming, brave, caring, and heroic.

7.Penny(The Rescuers)
A big pain in my neck! -Tigress10689
I'm actually somewhat surprised she wasn't eliminated earlier. Anyway I guess people found her cute, witty, and her life to be tragic. Her life makes Cinderella's life look like Barbie's dream house. However most people found her boring and bland! She didn't do all that much in her movie but apperently did enough to beat the bottom 3. But people didn't like her enough to have her go higher. There's nothing much to say about her really.

6.Lilo(Lilo and Stitch)
This was also shocking, I thought she'd be in the topo, início 3. She's one of the most advratised of the young heroines she's had posters, sequels, a meetable character at disney, has been a happy meal toy at McDonalds mais than once, and has had her own TV show. She's shown to be strong, unqiue, brave, heroic, determind, and funny. However people didn't think she was as classic as the topo, início five.

5.Jenny(Oliver and Company)
Melody is my favorite. Jenny really did nothing... -skipperfan5431
Looks like the spunky redhead made it to the topo, início 5. I'm kinda shocked since she didn't do much but oi whatever. People found her sweet, cute, spunky, creative, and brave. The fact that she came from a most beloved disney classic movie might have something to do with her getting so high. Some people found her boring and bland. She almost made it to the topo, início 4 but was eiminated, just barely. Not very much to say really.

4.Alice(Alice In Wonderland)
She kinda annoys me. Just a little though. -ajotma
I was shocked with this too, I figured she'd be the winner of the countdown! Even though she's the leader and the most iconic of all of them she doesn't make it higher. But it did land her at least in the topo, início 5! She's imaginative, intelligent, curious, fun, and entertaining. However some people found her kinda boring! She's one of the most iconic of disney character however she apperently didn't make it higher, being iconic didn't help her make it to the topo, início 3. I amor Alice but like I said with Wendy, looks like little miss popular ain't so popular!

3.Melody(The Little Mermaid 2: Return To The Sea)
one-dimensional. -Mongoose09

I was very surprised that Melody made it so far in this countdown, but oi I'm not complaining. There were people who actually enjoyed watching her in her during their childhood. People actually loved her even though they don't like her movie. Seriously how could you not amor her? Actually even though I amor her and Ariel equally there are qualities she has that makes her a better character than Ariel, I suppose. She only ran away from início because she wanted to find out who she was not for a man. She fixes her mistakes and doesn't have someone do it for her. She's the hero of the movie and stops the villian. Plus she has a chance to become a mermaid again but she didn't because she couldn't leave her family, instead she just breaks the mural between humans and merpeople. However people voted for her because she was one-dimentional. They also found her ungreatful and her "constant" giggling to be annoying. They also might find her to be unoriginal and to be too much like Ariel.

2.Jane(Peter Pan 2: Return To Neverland)
I never liked her attitude :/ -PrueFever

This is ironic because her mom is in the bottom 2 and she's in the topo, início 2. I actually expected for her to be one of the first to leave but just like with Melody, I'm not complaining. I actually amor that for once she's not being underrated because she's truely an amazing character. She's obviously the most original disney sequel child. The others are just complete clones of their parents in both looks and appearence Melody(with her moms personality and both her parents looks), Kiara(Simba in both looks and personality), and Scamp(Tramp in both looks and personality). However with Jane she's nothing like her mom in looks or personality. She makes mistakes and fixes them! People found her smart, brave, heroic, and caring. I'm glad there was some people who aren't baised and can see what an amazing character she is. However people found her annoying with her being a kill-joy. They also find it annoying how the whole mess was all her fault and that she's stupid.

1.Eilonwy(The Black Cauldron)
Eilonwy is epic! I amor her sarcasm and I think she's really clever and beautiful. -BelleAnastasia

I guess I can't call Eilonwy underrated anymore! She finally one in something, I use to think the only thing she would most likely win in involved beauty. GO EILONWY! First I have to say this before I tell you the voters opinion, ever since the first time I saw her movie I knew that she had to be one of my favorito disney heroines. The public found her charming, clever, sweet, brave, sassy, and witty. They of course mentioned her beauty but they named mais than that. She's obviously mais than just another beautiful girl and everyone saw that she had so much mais going for her besides her looks. It's nice to see someone who's considered underrated actually wins something good, especially such an awesome character like Eilonwy. Plus everyone's gotta amor that she doesn't take sexist comments from anyone, not even her amor interest. I'm a guy and I amor a girl who speaks her mind and as for my fello guys you better watch out if you run into Eilonwy and your stupid enough to say something sexist.