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Why am I like this?
Such a burden to everyone that I know and love.
Why do I act this way?
Why do I think this way?

Am I normal?
I cry and cry,
Can't stop this feeling.
Why am I like this?
Why can't I be... Normal?

I look at others and see them smile,
knowing I haven't done that in a while.
I close my eyes and I want it to go,
But it won't.

I amor him,
I amor her.
They tear at my coração and make me bleed.
My inner war is driving me mad.

Screams are heard inside my head.
From a man who wants me dead.
He tells me things I don't want to hear.
But I still hold him close and very dear.

I`m afraid of rumors,
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posted by scarykids-emo
Help. She whispers. 
The guards drag her to her room. 
She screams inside her head. 
So loud and yet so quiet. 
The white walls and linen sheets. 
Charted times and appointed sessions. 
They leave her on the floor seguinte to a bolted down bed. 
Thoughts race through her head of why she's here. 
And they return empty. 
A tear absently streams down her cheek and then her breathing shudders. 
It grows cold and she lays on the dirty linoleum. 
Hugging her knees to her chest and squeezing her eyes tight. 
A nameless face knocks on the door and saunters in. 
She kneels down and helps the...
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posted by scarykids-emo
He yells and cries as she whispers her silent goodbye. 
Her gesture to death creeps along the floor. 
Making the puddle wider and cooling her empty shell. 
Scratches upon slices and scars aligns her arms. 
He has rescued her, but she slipped out of his fingers. 
And fell to the reality below. 
Cracking her bones on the pavement. 
Watching her body twist in impossible angles. 
Her bloodied mouth turned upward in a gesture of a smile. 
Making her look like a clown. A twisted, fucked up one at that. 
Her clothes are torn. 
A white pressed dress she was wearing, now drips with blood. 
Her thick...
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posted by scarykids-emo
Her wide blue eyes watch as he digs his own grave. 
Her mouth stitched across with the blackest thread. 
Nothing can pass her lips. 
Not even a whisper of a sigh. 
His anger bleeds as he cries new tears.
Trying to listen to her. 
Digging further and further past his years. 
She's buried deep in dirt. 
It suffocates her and blood drips deep into the black abyss. 
They're running from the demons that haunt them. 
Even though they're latched onto her heart. 
Haunting her, chasing her, and making her go insane quietly. 
The black thread snaps and falls from her lips. 
She screams and he stops digging. ...
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posted by XXxxCutsxxXX
I’m PARANOID and SICK of this
WORLD's misconception of things I did
My language poured across this WRIST
In a metaphoric DISASTER
My guess, I’m missing out the soco line
Unless this hanging noose
Is fitted to be all MINE

I stood por everything I LOVED
While you NEVER understood ME much

‘Cause there’s only ONE of ME
And TOO many of YOU, fighting over nothing.
Oh, there’s never enough COOL for everyone
And before YOU know it you’re selling out to be IN

There’s never enough COOL

These eyes ungoverned are tearing US apart
Their ears forsaken have given up on art
Now, WHY believe in anything they...
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posted by XXxxCutsxxXX
I welcome this pain
beating down on me
Is it your eyes
that choose not to see?

All I would do
if only you knew
All of my trust
was given to you

Oh, please, this is what I can give
What else do you need from me?
I might be sick, broken, torn to pieces
So, whatever this is, this thing that now I've become,
you hate it so much, you keep on running from it
No matter the distance, no matter how,
no matter how far

I buried this hurt,
concealed in this heart
Go lock all your doors,
these cold steps will warm

Oh, please, this is what I can give
What else do you need from me?
I might be sick, broken, torn to pieces
So, whatever...
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posted by XXxxCutsxxXX
Bloody flesh,
Empty bottles,
Swollen veins,
And darkened eyes.
Tears rain from my cheeks,
Landing like bombs on the floor below.
Screams claw at my throat…
I suddenly choke up.
Then I drop to my knees,
Praying for God to save me.
“You aren’t real”
I mutter….
“IF you are … You’d save them”
I pause and sniff.
“IF you are… you’d save my friends”
“Not me… just them.”
I ball up.
“I`m a monster…. Don’t save me”
“Please don’t, God.”
“Save them”
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Jacob sat on the ledge of the balcony and sipped back root beer.The night sky glittered with stars and glowed vibrantly
He sighed and looked down at the city rua below.
"I know what you're thinking..." Sara said walking up behind Jacob and hugging him tightly "Stop thinking it."
Jacob looked over his shoulder and into her eyes. He kissed her softly and said "I wasn't... trust me."
"Oh, then what were you thinking about?" she asked sweetly as he climbed off of the wall.
"You, in bed.... with me..." He smiled, holding her hips and beijar her.
Sara grinned on his lips and pulled them underneath...
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Sara walked down the hallway Jacob had disappered down and looked around "Jacob?" She said loudly "Where are you?"
"The tall fellow with the fun 'scara? He's in the men's john" a bearded man said as she passed by.
Sara looked back at his and smiled "Thank you" then turned into the men's bathroom.
"Jacob?" she called out as she spotted him standing in front of the mirror.
He was leaned over the sink, his arms propped up on the sink. Tears melted down his face. "I`m sorry, Sara..." he sniffed, looking up at her slowly through the mirror.
She walked up behind him and hugged her husband softly....
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The seguinte morning, the two woke up, took a chuveiro together and headed down stairs for breakfast within the hotel.
Mark and Sierra were sitting at a mesa, tabela along with Lily, Phillip, Chris, Lucas, Anna,and both of Sara's parents.
"Good Morning" Lily said with a grin.
Sara kissed Jacob and sat down seguinte to Sierra. "Good Morning" she and Jacob both said.
Sierra grinned and leaned into whisper to Sara She held out her hand and said quietly "Mark purposed... I said yes!"
"Holy shit!" Sara gasped. She then covered her mouth and smiled.
Sierra looked over at Mark and grinned happily. He bit his lip and...
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