wwe The Rock's 15 rare Raw moments(According to WWE.com),which one is your favorite?

Pick one:
The Rock's Raw debut: Nov. 25, 1996
The Rock wins his first title: Feb. 13, 1997
The Rock prepares for his first WM match against The Sultan: March 10
The Rock explains why he joined The Nation of Domination: Aug. 18, 1997
"Stone Cold" forfeits the Inter. Championship to The Rock: Dec. 8,
The Rock awards gifts to The Nation of Domination: Feb. 21, 1998
The Rock Rock Bottoms Mr. McMahon: Nov. 9, 1998
The Rock vs. Mankind, Ladder Match for the wwe Championship: Feb. 15, 1999
The Rock 'n' meia Connection win the World Tag Team Championship: Aug. 30, 1999
The Rock vs. Shane McMahon, Steel Cage Match for the wwe title: May 1, 2000
The Rock & Undertaker vs.Edge & Christian, World Tag Team título Match
The Rock vs. Ric Flair: July 29, 2002
The Rock returns to Raw: Feb. 24, 2003
The Rock show, concerto targets Goldberg: April 21, 2003
The Rock 'n' meia Connection reunites to battle Evolution: March 1, 2004
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