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posted by Emily_is_COOl
Will you read it? Here it the link:
Link: link

It includes Norse Mythology.
Here's the synopsis:

Synopsis: Jenna is a 13 ano old who is traveling with her new friends, Josh, Jane, and Sam, who are special like her. Josh and her are some really powerful kids though. They race the clock to try to procurar for the gods before they agree to rid the world of humans and start a new era. These kids try to persuade the gods and goddess to see what god humans can do, one god and goddess at time.
posted by Lizzy-ILoveJB
Chapter 5~True Work

The dia was drawing to a close and Nzelde was at suicide’s edge! She had cleaned every single centimetre of the huge mansion and it’s surrounding garden, pool area, stables, the farm side, the extra houses, the maid’s rooms and the farmer’s rooms. There wasn’t a thing out of place or untidy. Then she walked into the enormous basement. She stared in disbelief. It was the worst room that she had ever tried to clean. There was fungus on the walls, books with aranha webs on the floor, aranha webs… everywhere… it looked like a troll or something even worse lived...
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Chapter 3~In The Spotlight!

Nzelde got ready for another long, tiring and tough hockey match against 1 of the best teams in America. She knew that, she could single-handedly defeat them. And she did. Then she had to go onto the news. It was still a big and scary thing for Nzelde. The person interviewing her was Mr. Mark Kroch. He was very pleasant and well-mannered. She knew that she could answer his perguntas but she still felt shy and in a shell. But as he got speaking, she came out of the shell with a huge and very Valente smile on her face.

MR. KROCH: Well! How do you manage 20 goals in 2...
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posted by Lizzy-ILoveJB
Chapter 1~Her life

Nzelde Naz was a 13 yr old professional hockey player. She would practise about 12 hours per day. She never went to school because she never had the time. With practicing, playing nationally, internationally and with friends and fãs and all the other things she was forced to do. You see she didn’t like hockey at all! Her monstrous mother and hot-tempered father at the tender age of 5 months showed and taught Nzelde hockey. Nzelde was however passionate of composição literária and acting. It was her dream to someday become a famous actress or if that failed, a famous writer.
Nzelde had...
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