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Teen lobo of 1987.....
full movie
teen lobo
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Werewolf scene from 1988's horror film, "Waxwork"....
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I combined a few surveys/questionares into one. See the first comment for the fonte links.

- I thought I'd have my original/fan character fill this out because I'm currently focusing on composição literária about his childhood.
He's a werewolf/wizard in the Harry Potter universe, and he filled this out at age 12. (Because I haven't yet visioned his life in much detail beyond his thirteenth year.)

- A modern dia person may wonder why would a kid answer to certain perguntas there and even that openly, or talk about those matters with his friends, or how could a police officer discipline his child that severely......
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warning: coarse language.
this is the first book of a four-part series that i'm writing, also on the twilight fanpage. Please feel free to comment and tell me if you like it, or if you have any suggestions. i'm DEFINATELY open to those.

IT SUCKS TO FALL IN LOVE, only to have it ripped away por what you are. To have it stripped from you por your crimes against others. If anyone knew that, it was me, since I had to go through this mais times than anyone else has. But this was different. He was different.
He was pinned to the ground por one of my prosecutors, his face contorted in pain....
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warning sexual referencing and course language

some legends say that lobisomens are solitary creatures.. and that's just dumb.

other legends say that lobisomens run in packs, gathering at the full moon to hunt down those foolish enough to go around at night.

not likely. werewolf packs exist-we have to organize to stay secret-but we never meet in lobo form.

any meeting of two or mais lobos is two steps away from a brawl (and one from an orgy). and it doesn't take much for a werewolf to say"hell with it", shut down the human mind and let the lobo take over.

our only exception is the howl when we...
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Thanks to precious211 for helping me come up with the título and Luna's name!!!!! You helped a ton!!!

Chapter one

I was in a large hall that looked like it could be in a midevil-King-Artur-type-movie. It was made of beige stone, had red banners with a gold círculo and black lobo print on them hanging on thick pillars, torches lit on either side of them, casting a dark shadow behind the pillars,and a simple golden trono with a red capa tossed over in sitting on the center of a platform near the back of the hall. I reconised the image imeadeadly. It's like going to collage then seeing a picture...
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A gunslinging werewolf slayer from the old west mysteriously rises from the grave, only to find that the band of lobisomens that brutally murdered his wife are still running rampant generations later.
filmes de terror
high moon
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Among the Shadows follows Kristy Wolfe, a private investigator attempting to unravel the mystery of her uncle’s murder. But Wolfe has a secret — as her name would suggest, she descends from a long line of werewolves.
among the shadows
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