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Once the Moon is full, THEY own the night...
posted by Sonicfan67
if u dont know me then u should.
everytime when the moon comes up in the fanpop chat menu,i turn into a werewolf.this is the bio of me as a werewolf:
and has sharp claws and fangs.
i bite someone when someone makes me angry or will not stop fighting or say something rude.
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The Sun Rises Up & Elli Woke Up & Sees furgão, van Is Gone
She Got Up & Put Her Pjs Back On & Walk In The Hallway, She Sees furgão, van Looking Through The Window In The Living Room *Something Wrong?* She Asked Him When She embrulho, envoltório Her Arms Around Her *No* He Said When He Turn His Head At Her, She embrulho, envoltório Her
Arm Around His Shoulder *Stay....With Me Please*
She Said To Him, He Kissed Her On Her Lips, Then
She Went To Her Bathroom To Take a Shower, furgão, van Sits On Elli's cama Then He Remembers All The Time
He Had Spend With Vlad, a Flashback In 10 Years Of
His Childhood, *Vlad Mother Needs Us* Little furgão, van Said...
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posted by DevilsWrath
It was a sunny afternoon in the land of the wolves. I carefully examined the ground and noticed some elk tracks. Three weeks till I ate last. How much tracking before I can eat again. It wasn't like this before. I remember back when I could have whatever I needed.

~Flashes Back~

"Sir your comida is ready. Is there anything else you require?" Asks a very young servant boy of what looked to be fifteen. I shake my head and open the dish pleased with what I saw. It was my favorito casserole.

"Not that I can think of, please do be gone so I can eat in peace." I say waving away the boy before I begin...
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posted by princessofmagic
Chapter 3

When they saw me, everyone rushed over, demanding to know were I was. Chelly, my co-section leader for color gaurd made it to the front and grabbed my sholders. She had sholder leanght, surprisingly straight red hair, and startiling blue eyes. She looked me in the eye and demanded to know were I had been, as I was 2-and-a-haf hours late.

"Long, long, looooooong story." I grabbed chelly into a hug.

"She was probably of making out with one-or both- of those guys I saw lurking around under the bleachers." Nina, another color gaurd senior remarked rudly. She had long brown hair, green...
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posted by Lancelot8
 Lupa with Romulus and Remus
Lupa with Romulus and Remus
Everything is from the app Your Lupine Life.

In Rome around 758-728 BCE, a demi-goddess named Rhea Silva had secret twin baby boys named Romulus and Remus por a secret father who may have been the god Mars or the demigod Hercules.

When Rhea’s uncle Amulius found out, he locked Rhea up, snatched the boys and abandoned them in the woods to die. But luckily Rhea was a demi-goddess of the forest and she could talk to the forest animals. She called to a mother lobo called Loba or Lopa, in some stories.

Loba found Romulus and Remus and brought the bebês início to her cave where she fed them with her...
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