lobisomens My Werewolf Filmes

pennywize posted on Jan 21, 2010 at 11:48PM
underworld 1 2 3
van helsing
an american werewolf in london
dog soldiers
big bad wolfskin walkers
gingersnaps 1 2 3
and this'll piss you guys off....
cat people (werecat?)
recomendations for more?

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over a year ago TheCountess said…
One of my favorites is one from 1961, called 'Curse of the Werewolf'. It's from Hammer Films, and it's one of the rare films that I've seen about someone becoming a werewolf without being bitten. It's actually kind of a nice commentary on class differences and social injustice, as were some of the other Hammer Films.
As for 'Cat People' - which one? 1942 or 1982? I thought they were both great, and the 1942 version had a follow-up called 'Curse of the Cat People' that came out in 1944.
Another oldie (1935) that I thought was pretty good is 'The Werewolf of London'.
These may all be a lot slower paced, and with far less special effects than we're used to now, but they had good stories to tell.