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The amor story between “We Got Married” couple Victoria and Nichkhun is just so sweet that it makes even the most jaded coração wish that there was something mais to their virtual relationship. Well, prepare to feel your hearts melt Khuntoria fans, because these two might actually be dating for real!

Well, we wish anyway.

The couple participated in an opening pitch event for the Doosan Bears on April 19th, after which they stuck around to watch the game. Though Khuntoria is known for being quite affectionate with one another, fãs gasped with surprise when they saw pictures of Nichkhun beijar Victoria’s cheek! And that’s not all. Victoria was snapped draping her arm comfortably across Nichkhun’s back as they focused on the game.

It’s true that that they were recording an episode for “We Got Married” at the time, but we can’t help but hope that these two really did want to show their amor for one another publicly.
The Yongseo couple got a massage together on the February 5th edition of “We Got Married.”

While Yonghwa and Seohyun went to the hospital as Yonghwa was complaining of a stomach ache, he went through various tests and received a checkup. After this they decided to get a spa treatment and they later received a massage. During the massage segment, they linked their pinkies together due to the painful nature of the massage.

The couple went to a get a massage to enjoy their time together and to relax from their hectic schedules but because Yonghwa felt uncomfortable from the unusually painful...
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The PD for MBC’s popular variety show ‘We Got Married‘ has revealed that an idol was cast as part of a new couple.

He stated, “We will actually be inserting only one new couple. It seems that one partner will be an idol. However, I will not reveal whether that idol is a male or a female.” He also revealed that they’re trying their best so that new couple will be introduced on seguinte week’s episode.

So far, netizens have been thrown in names like SISTAR‘s Hyorin or Super Junior‘s Leeteuk. While the latter’s participation has been denied, Hyorin’s side has remained fairly neutral on their answers.

The new couple will be joining Kim Won Joon, Park So Young, Lee Jang Woo, and Ham Eunjung on ‘We Got Married’
Last week, the YongSeo couple revealed a fotografia from their wedding photoshoot, capturing the avid attention of many fans. During this week’s broadcast, the story of their wedding shoot will be revealed through the reflection of their memories.

Seohyun will appear in her bridal gown, and Yonghwa will wear his groom tuxedo, and together they will tell a story using various props like a guitar, a ring, and books.

Meanwhile, Kim Na Young and Im Seulong visited the set and expressed interest for the YongSeo couple to do a kiss scene, causing the pair to become embarrassed. Looking back on ‘We Got Married‘, a lot of former couples did have kiss scenes during their wedding photoshoots.

Will the YongSeo couple follow the trend and have a kiss scene? Find out on March 5th!
Community forums have been buzzing over the possible replacements for the ‘Adam Couple‘, who recently ended their 15-month virtual marriage. The producers of “We Got Married” announced that they were open to the idea of casting young stars who didn’t debut in idol groups.

Viewers had expected the new couple to be made up of popular idols, and there was even a list of possible artists floating around on the net. But the producers expressed, ‘In the meantime, we will proceed with two couples. The audition for the new couple is in its early stages.‘

Idol stars have a solid foundation in the show, and the producers don’t wish to alter that completely, but they are worried about the perception of the show if only idols members were cast.

In the meantime, the show will continue with the Yongseo couple and the Khuntoria couple.
The January 22nd episode of KBS’s “Entertainment Relay” had Khuntoria fãs swooning over a particular interview pergunta posed to 2PM’s Nichkhun.

The boys were interviewed on the set of a photoshoot, and the reporter eventually asked Nichkhun, “Who makes your coração beat faster these days?”

Nichkhun answered unreservedly, “Victoria.”

It’s not quite the amor confession that fangirls were looking for, but all the same, it made everyone’s hearts stop. Could this couple get any cuter?