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Review by DarkSarcasm posted over a year ago
fan of it?
Red Dawn (1984) is about an invasion of Soviet Union, Cuban and Nicaraguan military forces in a small Colorado town, and the teenagers who escape and fight back using guerrilla warfare as the Wolverines, their high school mascot.

It's a very emotional movie (for me), and although it's not based on an actual war (yet), I think it's the best patriotic movie out there. This starts as a review but somehow turns into something a little different... because this is America, dammit, if I want to derail my own review, it is my right to do so.

If you haven't seen Red Dawn (the 1984 one) and would like to avoid spoilers, or just want to skip to the part where I explain why it's my favorito patriotic movie, keep scrolling until you reach the giant poster. Trust me. You can't miss it.

About the Movie

Red Dawn wastes no time getting to the action. The first shots are fired just after the five-minute mark. Soldiers from a foreign military parachute down early on a quiet September morning and the whole town of Calumet, Colorado is plunged into utter chaos.