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Walmart mural

DDD1988Redux said …
Walmart is acquiring competitor Sears Holdings Corporation in 2016, because of America's Retail Industry Revival. Most of the Sears and Kmart stores everywhere in the United States are being re-branded as Walmart início Centers, Walmart SuperCenters, and "Walmart Discount Stores" with similar P-Fresh concepts around 2016 and 2017. Because of that, Kmart and Sears will be no more, and hundreds of new "Walmart início Centers" will be opening everywhere in the USA. Posted over a year ago
DDD1988Redux commented…
And there might be a whole lot of Walmart HomeCenters to open everywhere in the USA around 2016 onward, converting most Sears stores por any format. over a year ago
Jon3797 said …
I like walmart because I can get my xbox360 games there .
Jon3797 Posted over a year ago
morganmahone said …
Walmart is so scary at night! Posted over a year ago
goodyear2000 commented…
lol haha! really? over a year ago