after a few hours i fell asleep...but i was soon awoken por that snake moving i guess it was already morning so i said "good morning snakey" all he did was groan at that comment and just started walking home. after a couple of hours i herd a voice it sounded like no it cant be... the blue quick "hey there rattles" i could tell he was not wanting to talk while i could still hear "let me guess rattles your plan worked and now you got a stomach ache" with the blue quick saying that he poked me(snakey`s belly)and he laughed for a few minutos but then it was silent for a few minutos until "... ok rattles i will help you out with that over sized belly of your`s" when the blue quick said that he patted rattles belly (me). the snake guy stayed still for a few minuets until i felt blue quick`s hands lifting him up into something that felt like a sled.the blue quick stared moving in a few segundos it sounded like something dragging along the sand. (end of part 5)