after a few segundos i heard that snake let out a large throaty belch the he placed one of his clawed hands on me but i think he was just rubbing there. i herd a purring noise coming from him i punched the mural again. in reaction he just said " Im sorry but our deal was a meal" to this comment i kicked him and replied "yes A meal but this is stupid" but to this comment he said "yes a meal and for there you are the meal". he seemed very smug at this point but it was pointless trying to yell for help because he was the only help i ever got. after a few hours he got up but then he fell onto his stomach (me) then i herd knocking on the door and then the calling of my name it was my deputy i didn't want any one knowing about this so i called out "its ok just go back to what you were doing" but my deputy replied " but mayor there is someone to see you" the snake held his breath he was worried so i called out "tell him i will see him later" my deputy relied "well ok then" when my deputy left the snake let out a loud sigh of relief. i felt a tiny bit sorry for him so i just sat there in complete silence (end of part 3)