that snaky creature was still clutching his stomach he look like he was in some form of pain. i was still leaning on the mural i scanned the room quickly to see if the was a way out. sadly there was one but it was an air vent but only that snake guy can fit in that air vent. when i looked back at him he had moved i was a bit panicky now not knowing where he was but the all of a sudden i felt breathing on my neck. i turned my head it was him i felt a little mais relived but now he was right seguinte to me. i felt his had push my back then i felt him pulling off my shoes then he pulled off my socks. after a few segundos my feet felt wet and like if something was tickling it. i looked down and por what i saw i was shocked he was trying to eat my feet so with this i was less worried but them i felt his teeth on my shin i started squirming but i think he was enjoying this after a few hours he was right near my neck once again i started squirming then with one last gulp i found my self in this gross pulsating room. i punched the gross rosa, -de-rosa mural but i only think that made it better for him. (end part 2)