one dia like any other until some ghastly robbers came and robbed the banks. out of the blue some wired creature came and said to me "how about i help with this problem but in return i wish for a meal" i was overwhelmed with his offer and what he wanted in return so i agreed to his terms. After a few hours he returned covered in some sort of red liquid covering his body i thought to me self "is that actually blood" but before i could say any thing he handed me two large bags filled with the stolen money. as promised i let him has his meal but he had something else in plan that the meal i promised. He led me into a room i looked around confused. i heard the door lock behind him. his eyes turned to a reddish blue color. he approached with a funny look on his face he came closer to my face and he had an extremely long tong (like a snake`s) then i felt his hand feeling my belly. he made a funny noise from the back of his throat (like a purring noise) i heard a loud growling noise coming from his belly i could see that he is hungry but what was he up to keeping me here... but then it hit me i think i was the meal he wanted. i backed up to the mural but i could see his hands clutching his stomach he looked very thin and pale i felt a bit of sorrow for this little fella but im not up for being his lunch (end of part 1)