Why Cute, Girl-Eats-Boy Vore Works

    If you've ever thought about being swallowed whole por a cute girl, you're not alone. For those unfamiliar with the term 'vore', let's examine two related definitions:

    Vore- The consumption of one person por another in a way that could be interpreted as sensual or arousing.

    Soft Vore- The 'cuter' or less painful branch of vore, in which the consumed character is swallowed whole. Opposed to Hard Vore, in which the victim is chewed up, cut up or ripped apart.

    While Soft Vore is generally less gruesome, this rule may be broken if we actually see the victim being dissolved por stomach acid. Of course, if we see inside the swallower's belly, and the swallowed is simply floating in a swimming pool of harmless, green juice, the cute is maintained. Another concept that makes Soft Vore less cute is when the victim's face is shown with the swallower's skin tightly stretched around it (this runs a little too close of an image to garbage-bag strangulation). A less gruesome twist on this it to have the victim struggle from within, causing the swallower's belly to jiggle or rise in bumps. The victim may talk back to his living prison, complaining or demanding to be let out, but having the victim burst into heart-broken tears or desperately plead for their life can also rob the vore of its cuteness. A cute vore victim can be shocked, horrified, or simply annoyed por their predicament, but the situation should never be horrifying or tragic to the viewer.

    Building from this, Cute, Girl Eats Boy Vore, is a specific type of Soft Vore, in which, (not surprisingly) a female character swallows a male character in a cute, non-gruesome way. This can be divided into two basic types, based on the mechanic por which the girl swallows her victim.
    If the girl is very, very large (Godzilla big, not fat), she can simply andorinha the boy whole. This is often called a Giantess Vore. A variation is the Shrinking-Man Vore, where instead of the girl being very big, the boy is shrunk to a tiny, gulpable size.
    The segundo type is the Elastic Belly Vore, where the girl is roughly the same size as the boy, but in a splendidly cartoonish defiance of real-life laws of anatomy, the girl simply stretches her mouth around the boy and swallows him, leaving the girl with a comically big belly-full. The belly is often much smaller than the character swallowed, either because of the girl's belly squeezing and compressing her meal (but not crushing bones), or simple cartoon logic. Sometimes the two types are combined. The girl is bigger than the boy, but not big enough to andorinha him without a little elasticity.
    Cute, Girl Eats Girl Vore is very similar, and most of the dynamics applying to Girl Eats Boy apply to Girl Eats Girl, though Girl Eats Boy is mais common.
    Another variation is to have the girl andorinha multiple other characters, who often form a small community in her stomach. Sometimes, a jealous girlfriend will andorinha her boyfriend's lover, then andorinha the boy himself, giving the couple the privacy of her belly. Other times, the girl goes on a feeding frenzy, swallowing every character she can catch, as her belly grows bigger and bigger. This may result in swallow-fights, where several character try to eat each other, and are all ultimately swallowed por the winner.

    The girl's motivation in swallowing her boy can vary. Sometimes it's simply for comida or the fun of asserting her power over her meal. Other times, it's an act of affection or love, taking, "I could just eat you up!" to a very literal sense. In this case, we can expect the girl to tease her meal, telling him how yummy he is, encouraging him to wiggle into her belly. Occasionally, it occurs por an accident, and the girl is just as shocked as the boy. She may try to free the boy, or may have her shock overcome por how good the boy tasted, and simply accept the boy as her meal. Other times, she may actually do this to protect the boy por hiding him inside of herself. Usually, when this is the case, being swallowed is not fatal and the girl has some way to get the boy back out.

    The boy is rarely a willing victim in Girl Eats Boy Vore, but occasionally he will happily dive head-first into the girl's mouth, or, if initially unhappy with being swallowed, will learn to enjoy his confinement. Often, this vore will go a step beyond the act of consumption itself, and end with the happy, over-stuffed girl lying down to digest. Other times, it may skip the consumption, and go straight to the image of the over-stuffed girl, showing her consumption por an in-stomach view of the boy, or the boy's voice coming from her stomach.

    Here's a few reasons why it works:

This type of vore can easily be presented comically, or with a sense of cartoonish wholesomeness. Really cute vore never disgusts, which gives it a distinct advantage over Hard Vore, as well as pornography.
Plays off of the appeal of the dominatrix, the ravenous vampire girl, food-based sensuality, and (if this is an Elastic Belly Vore, rather than Giantess) the image of the sexy pot-belly. Sometimes dips into a form of Oedipus syndrome, but not always. The lines between 'perverted' and 'kinky' are mostly up to the viewer.
Can represent an ideal death in the form of a death-by-sex fantasy. You enter a woman, and you don't come out. Also, may appeal to early tribal ideas of ritual consumption of fallen allies, i.e., the idea that your consumer carries your spirit (you) inside of them.
Usually shown as a basically painless form of death. Rather than being digested while conscience, the boy just gets squashed and smothered por the girl's mighty belly, and passes out in a way similar to going to sleep. This is heightened por the fact that the victim's prison is warm and soft. Actual digestion is not shown directly, (i.e., the victim being dissolved), but it may be implied por 'rumbling belly' or 'he stopped wiggling'. A less subtle way of doing this is for the victim to run the full course of the girl's digestive system, and come out as her poop. To keep the vore cute, the poop is often shown as a swirly cone, much the shape you would get from a soft-serve sorvete machine, and may be pink. Sometimes the poop is replaced with an egg, from which the victim hatches, unharmed.
Instead of being an ideal death, being swallowed whole por a girl may be non-fatal. The victim may live inside her stomach for an extended amount of time (a la Noah's Whale), then be coughed up, or even pooped out whole and alive, if the setting is cartoonish enough. If the girl swallows and later releases the boy mais than once, this can become a form of embarrassing leverage she holds over him, "Don't make me eat you again!" or "That's it, you're going back in the tummy-prison." This form of vore can also become a sort of fantasia substitute for a kiss or a hug, taken to a very quirky level. It's a full-body hug; she hugs you with her stomach. Soft Vore is used often enough in children's programs that it may not be overtly sexual, merely sensual (hug and kiss fare), and can be presented in a mostly innocent way, unlike 'unbirth', anal vore, or Hard Vore.

    Though Cute, Girl Eats Boy Vore art, like all vore, is sometimes considered bizarre, perverted or simply taboo, it is harmless, and can provide entertainment. The fan-base is growing too, as Cute, Girl Eats Boy Vore art, arte dos fãs and comics become mais and mais common online. For some, Cute, Girl Eats Boy Vore represents a cleaner, less serious form of sensual fantasy, whether they merely observe it in other creations, or if they create a vore themselves.