I'm composição literária this basically just as a way to see what all happened with Vocaloid in 2014

Note: If at any time I mention how many vocaloids in a specific year, I don't count updates/add-ons as separate vocaloids and I count vocaloids like Rin and Len as one, since they are sold together.

For starters here's a list of all new vocaloids that came in 2014

Macne Nana
v flower
Tohoku Zunko

Here's a list of updates that came in 2014

V3 Meiko
IA Rocks
Galaco NEO*
V3 Gachapoid
V4 VY1

* while all these vocaloids were also released with NEO versions, Galaco's also included galaco talk software.

This ano the V4 engine was announced and VY1 was the first V4 Vocaloid to be released!

What we didn't see in 2014:

New languages, or really any languages other than Japanese. The only Vocaloid from 2014 given any voice capabilities other than Japanese is the V3 update for Meiko which made her Japanese/English bilingual. Making 2014 and 2006(when Kaito was the only Vocaloid released) the only years where a non-Japanese Vocaloid was not released.

Male vocaloids, the only male voice released in 2014 was the V3 update for Gachapoid. Making 2014 and 2012 the only years where there were no new male vocals released.

What we did see in 2014

The popularity of vocaloids continues to skyrocket especially in the West, with Miku opening for Lady Gaga concerts and appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman. Crypton's vocaloids also returned to the U.S for the first time since 2011 with the Hatsune Miku Expos in New York and Los Angeles.

Macne Nana became the first Utau to become an official Vocaloid.

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