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For once, I'm NOT ranting. I do want to share my opinion though and hear what you guys think.

Was anyone else extremely proud of Tori?

I really expected Bori to happen this episode and I was bummed about it.Then I saw how it was happening and I was like "Are you serious Dan!?" I thought he'd built up their entire friendship over season three just to knock it to smithereens (Holy mc doo doos that is a real word?!) and I was really disappointed. Then I thought they were going to kiss right there in front of Jade and I felt terrible for her. Long story short when she stood up for Jade I was jumping...
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posted by IloveDxC
Lots of people say that Robbie and Cat should be together. I like Cabbie but I think Tribbie is cuter.

1. They have kissed twice. Robbie and Cat has only kissed passionately once.
2. Robbie is infatuated with Trina.
3. Robbie listens to Trina when she tells him to leave Rex.
4. In the audition, Robbie is happy with the kiss, he forgets his lines.
5. Both Robbie and Trina are considered bad actors.
6. Trina doesn't push away when Robbie kisses her.
7. Robbie wanted Trina to convert to Judaism. This may mean that Robbie wants a serious relationship with her.
8. The girl Trina was sitting...
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Some dia I’ll let you in
Treat you right
Drive you out of your mind
You never met a chick like me
Burn so bright
I’m goanna make you blind

Always wonderin
what you can have
Is it so bad
If you don’t get what you wanted
Make it feel good
As I whip you into shape
Yeah, boy let’s get it started

Give it up
You can’t win
Cause I know
Where you been
Such a shame
You don’t put up a fight
That’s a game
That we play
At the end of the night
It’s the same old story
But you never get it right
Give it up

Come a little closer
Come a little closer baby, baby

So stop crying
Don’t walk...
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posted by victoriajfan123
I amor tori Vega because she is sweet kind and i amor her in every character in zoey 101 and in spectacular in bite size lets get on with what i amor about her...

( pilot )

tori helped Trina in the big showcase and i think you know how Trina can be she helped her sing her song even that her cantar was terrible now that is a great sister.

( the bird scene )

tori was so desperately needs to know what is wrong so she can be in Andre's play and she asked everyone that a good student and i liked how she stuck up for herself.

( stage fight )

in this episode jade was just mean to her she did not hit the stick in her face

and also tori is the main character in Brilhante Victoria so she has to sing every time and no jade and cat are not suppose to sing all the time.
posted by Courtneyfan6
Helen's lunch speech

(Helen goes on topo, início of the Café and sets the microphone up for her to speak and everyone are snickering quietly.)
Helen: Excuse me everyone, I have an announcement to make. Festus and I are making changes of the lunch menu this week. This week, we'll be eating an entree that I researched to everyone's diet in this school. This week, we'll be serving Miss Milly Lily's Low Fat East Philly Chili!
Everyone: (laughing)
(Cut to the lunch mesa, tabela where Tori is sitting with her sister and friends while laughing)
Jade: I'm supposed not to care about it but this is funny! (Laughing)
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Wow it's been months since I've written an article, and I have to say it's been out of sheer laziness and lack of time.

As I've said I had minor surgery to my foot, which makes me unable to walk. This is actually really great, because I've literally watched every single Brilhante Victoria start to finish.

Re-watching everything has made me realize something about Cat. I've said earlier that I thought she was getting stupider, but now that I've watched it all over one after the other, I don't think that her intelligence has dropped TOO much.

Yes she's slightly worse now, but as I watch her, it isn't...
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posted by LLCoyote
Ok. Here it comes for the millionth time. I feel like I should have a theme song for my rants, but I'm too lazy to make one. So why don't YOU make up your own theme song and sing it in your head right now.

*insert theme song here*

Whew! I amor that song, it touches me every time. Now, onto my rant. This is aaaaa pardo, dun pardo, dun duuun, Jori rant. Yup, another one. This time, it's mais so aimed at Dan though and the aspect of homosexuality on this show period.

I'm really sorry if you don't want to admit it, but there are a lot of homosexual referances on Victorious. I personally amor it and hate it and...
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Robbie:Ho ho and ho!
Cat:hi hi and hi!
Sikowitz:Alright young apaixonados of learning and short pants!
Cat:I do amor short pants.
Jade:Cat,Guess what I love?
Jade:Slapping perky red heads.
Cat:*laughs,sees hair,gasp*
Sikowitz:Now Jade,Don't be a natal Grunch!
Rex:Ha ha,Grunch,that's my word!
*Tori and Andre come in fighting*
Robbie:Ho ho ho!And jingle bells!
Tori:No Andre!Don't do that!
Andre:*Flips Robbie out of his chair*
Tori:Ah,ya did it.
Jade:I bet that jingled his bells.
Andre:I'm sorry but all y'all can just keep natal spirit to yourself!
Sikowitz:Andre,You gotta...
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-she is so kind and sweet
-i know she's kinda annoying but thats just her character
-she sings good

-he is funny
-On the episode pilot he was the only person who's being nice at tori first

ROBBIE SAPHIRO (Idk how to spell it)
-he is funny
-I like how he's scared of rex

-she is the funniest and savage girl ever
-i know she's mean lol but she's the reason why i watch victorious

-She is super duper cute and when she cries its so cute lol idk

-he's the only guy who can calm jade

OKAY SO I LIKE Brilhante Victoria AND I WILL FOREVER amor Brilhante Victoria YAY
#jade #cat
posted by BabydollBabe
10:she is the most Legit person ever!!!! <3
9:she is always there when you need her
8:she is NEVER mean to people{unlike jade..:|}
7:she knows how to rock a great party
6:she does funny, weird stuff all the time
5:she never lets you down
4:she has a great voice when she's singing
3:she is funny
2:she makes awsome brownies
1:She is a sweet girl

*All of these statements are true and very believable, So don't hate on her. Jade, you have no coração and are pathetic if you mess with Kat!!!!
posted by nevenkastar
It is my segundo dia at Hollywood Arts. So I think I can say I have five friends here, maybe six. Trina, Beck, Cat, Andre, Robbie and maybe Jade. But she is still pissed of because I let him kiss me yesterday. I couldn't stop thinking of him. I mean he's handsome. He has beautiful eyes. When we kissed I really felt sparks fly. But maybe it's just me.

'Heey Tori'. I jumped

'Sorry didn't meant to scare you'. I turned around to see Beck standing.

'Yeah uhh it doesn't matters'.

'Is something wrong you sound so distracted'?

'No just thinking about things.'

'O okay, if you ever want to talk, him here' he...
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posted by LLCoyote
Ok, I'm not here to complain about Tori, everyone seems to be on board with that. I'm going to point out something people either don't notice, or don't talk about but it's something that makes me really like Tori at times.

If you haven't noticed through my loud mouth and excessive ranting, I adore Jade. Partially because I amor Liz Gillies and I'm a die hard fã of her. But also because of her character. I amor sneaky, manipulative, underhanded characters. I like to watch them work. I think it's funny.

What does that have to do with Tori? Well, I think Tori is very similar to Jade. She isn't...
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posted by hotlia
Well i think andre is mais of the musical one.andre spices things up. Him and tori made up a son. Forgot thename of it in all i want is everything andre looks really hot who noticed???..., robbie is mais of a little wimpy kid i think he would die for rex. But even though his character is weird i would not want the directer to change the way he acts not one bit. Robbie cant really get any girls...., omg trina thinks she is so freakin popular yeah right. LOL!!!!!. She seems as if she really cant get any friends she is always with tori and cat and them. She aint a popstar and cant sing she acting.....
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posted by LLCoyote
Just curious if anyone else was let down por the new Victorious. Not only did it have surprisingly littl Jade for an episode with her name in the title. (Though the parts she did do were AMAZING). But am I the only one that feels the writers kind of pooped out on the plot? I mean it could have been REALLY cool. Jade and Beck could have found out, maybe Beck would get jealous (something I think should happen to him since he makes Jade jealous on purpose) even a small argument or talk about feelings. We didn't get that though. All we got was Jade cantar (gosh I amor Liz's voice!) Andre' making...
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posted by Gwenrocks97436
Your Mamma is so fat when she was swimming whales seen her and started cantar we are family.

Your mamma is so fat when she farts she makes globle worming.

Your Mamma is so fat instead of god say let there be light he said oi mover out of the way.

Your Mamma is so big when she seen a taxi she yelled oi stop that twinkie.

Your mamma is so fat when she fell down the stairs she wasn't laughing but the stairs were cracking up.

Your mamma is so fat she stepped on a arco iris, arco-íris and made them skittles.

Your mamma is so fat were in her right know

Your mamma is so fat people jog around her.

Your mamma is so fat when she standed in front of the HOLYWOOD sign all you could see was H and D.

And one joke for today :)

Ok Dieting Tips

1 Make a list of who has a problem with you weight.

2 Cute them out of your life.

3 Enjoy having lost hundred of ideats.

And if you like my Mammas so fat jokes leave me a message when your done leitura this :)
I don't wanna make a scene.
I don't wanna let you down.
Try to do my own thing.
And I'm starting to figure it out.
Then it's alright.
Keep it together.
Where ever we go.
And it's alright.
Oh well, whatever.
Everybody needs to know.
You might be crazy.
Have I told you lately.
That I amor you.
You're the only reason that I'm not afraid to fly.
And it's crazy.
That someone could change me.
That no matter what it is I have to do, I'm not afraid to try.
And you need to know that you're the reason why.
I don't even care when they say that you're a little bit off.
Look 'em in the eye I say.
I can never get enough....
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posted by breebree446
Tori Vega - She's funny and talented and she's about to experience the biggest change of her life. Tori Vega is 16 years old and starting school at Hollywood Arts, where she'll practice her "craft" (acting, singing, and dancing), make new friends and make a new enemy-high school is rough like that sometimes. Though Tori was invited to come to the prestigious school, she doesn't get it. Her sister, Trina, has always been the estrela of the Vega family. When Tori finally does start to realize her own awesome abilities, her life changes even mais and in ways she never imagined. She is played por Victoria...
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10) Robbie
9) Rex
8) Sinjin
7) Trina
6) Beck
5) Jade
4) Tori
3) Andre
2) Sikowits
1) Cat<3

I chose these respostas because I amor crazy people so I put the most crazy ones near my first favorite. Cat is my first favorito because she is very crazy and she reminds me of how i act at school and also because she is alot like me.

If you have any perguntas please comment(:

Apparently my artigo is too short so I'm going to just do this. But please ignore it lolol(:
First off, I'm still sad. Just so you all know that but I haven't stopped loving the show yet. It still gets a lot of my attention. Recently I've been composição literária reviews (I've posted one under vídeos on here) and I've only uploaded one of them due to internet issues.

But as I rewatch the episodes, I'm seeing some things I didn't before. Maybe it's my imagination, or maybe in some cases, the writers were being clever.

First off, I'm very proud of the way this show ended, intentionally or not. Beck and Jade WERE back together, and I will address my issues with Beck later in the artigo but I was...
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I know you see somehow the world will change for me and be so wonderful.

Here i am, once again. Feeling lost but now and then.

Live Life! Breath Air, I know somehow were gonna get there and feel so wonderful!

When ya figure out how, your lost in the moment you disappear Its all for real

And I'm telling you just how i feel!


You dont have to be afraid to put your dreams in action Ya never gonna fade you'll be the main attraction

Wake up commanders of my nation its your time to be!
Not a fantasia (not a fantasy)
Just remember me (just remember me) When it turns out right!

Theres no chance unless you take one!

Cause you know that if your living your imagination tomorrow you'll be everybodys fasanation!!!!

See the brighter side of every situation!
In my Victory (In my Victory)
Just remember me! ( Just remember me!)

When i Make it SHINE!
(Leave it all to me!!!!)
When i Make it SHINE!
(Leave it all to me!!!!)