I'm spitting this story out pretty quickly! It's just too exciting for me to leave it and then come back too...

Chapter 2: queen Catherine of Aragon surveyed her latest edition to her ladies-in-waiting. The girl stood; her face regal and pale. She moved with an elegance of grace that many of the other dumpy ladies-in-waiting severely lacked. The queen speculated every rigid end of Katherine Pierce, knowing that like Anne Boleyn, the French had influenced her in many ways. The two would easily get along, from what Catherine could see. Apart from the fact that they almost shared the same name, except for one letter, both the queen and the lady-in-waiting were visibly very different. Katherine regarded the queen with a slight coolness, but she had an amazing way of still charming her way in barely her first day. She had flirted with the young lords before they went riding. She perfected every job she was given to the best of her potential and though Catherine had been unsure of Katherine, she was proved far from wrong. It was the morning of her segundo day, as she stood, allowing the queen to look her over with such a scrutinizing glance that Katherine wondered if any of her inner contempt for the queen was written across her face. But Catherine soon smiled at her, and Katherine plastered her own smile on her face.
"Hard work is valued here, Katherine," the queen said, her rich jewels flowing around her in such a dazzling way. "And you, on your first dia which was the past day, was quite remarkable. I suppose the long journey from France had no affect on you."
"Oh no, My Queen," Katherine said quickly. "It was quite a tiresome journey. I could not lie por saying it wasn't, only why should that small dilemma get in the way of my duties?" she stopped, looking up at Catherine before adding "My Queen" for the dramatic pause.
"Hmm...I suppose it shouldn't. In any case, please do cadastrar-se for the jantar event tonight."
"It would be an honor," Katherine said, excitement rising within her. Finally something exciting and as far as less than two days in the palace goes, she was quite bored. "And, My Queen, my sister Adelaide should have arrived por then." Catherine nodded and smiled and not long after Katherine was dismissed from the room. She moved down the corridor and into the room where all the ladies-in-waiting were doing some kind of work, but chatting quite animatedly amongst themselves. The sharp-looking, beautiful one looked up when she heard Katherine enter.
"Well, what a surprise. The girl who shares our Queen's name. Where have you been dear Katherine?" the young woman asked, as Katherine seated herself seguinte to her, smiling.
"A lady's personal business is nothing of another's concern," Katherine smirked. "And you Anne...just sitting around here...doing as your told? A little out of character, darling." Anne Boleyn grinned, with a devious twinkle in her eye. While she took no interest in the other ladies-in-waiting or perhaps only her sister Mary, but she had found a good ally in Katherine Pierce and in barely a dia they both seemed like best of friends. The other ladies-in-waiting tried to strain their ears without seeming too obvious when Katherine and Anne's conversation dropped into soft whispers. But as hard as they tried, they couldn't hear a word the two shared.

...In the meanwhile
The carriage finally came to a halt and Adelaide was jostled awake por the abrupt stop. She sighed, yawning, and carefully peaked out of her carriage window which was cloaked with a silk drape. Her eyes widened with fear as realization that she was now going to enter the gruesome court of Henry VIII dawned on her. She shook her head in an attempt to rid the fear, but it only got worse. The carriage driver stepped out and swung it open. He put out his arm to help her climb out and as she did she slipped off the steps. Adelaide shut her eyes as she felt herself slip, knowing that her dress was going to get wrecked. But she felt a hand on stomach preventing her fall. She looked up, expecting the driver, but saw a handsome young man looking down at her. Adelaide stepped back at the liberty he took to catch her, but she did feel deep gratitude for the fast reflex which the old driver lacked. The man smiled down at her, his golden hair shining in the sun.
"I apologize my lady, for that. But I suppose it was best not to let you fall," he said. Adelaide was far too distracted por the blue of his eyes to pay attention. The color was lighter than her sapphire color, and she reveled in the color. "My lady?" Adelaide shook herself,
"I am sorry. I am a bit dazed though, from the carriage ride and that...that fall."
"Of course. Permit me to introduce myself. Lord Niall Danbury..."
"It's a pleasure," Adelaide said dropping her low elegant curtsy which Katherine said was one of her good assets.
"You are Lady Pierce then?" he asked, his tone of voice caressing her like the sun shining on her skin.
"Er...yes...I mean yes," Adelaide said, blushing slightly. Lord Danbury smiled,
"I met your sister. Permit me to say how quite beautiful she was." Adelaide sighed...so that was it, Katherine had jovens bruxas yet another man and he was just being kind to her because she was Katherine's little sister. "But not quite as lovely as you, if you would allow me to state." Adelaide's eyes widened slightly at that and watched Lord Danbury bow dramatically before taking leave for his ride. His companion eyed her with interest as both men mounted their horses. Adelaide looked pointedly away, unsure of what she had allowed was supposed to be permitted. In any case her coração was beating at an unexpected rate and she wasn't in the right set of mind. She saw a bunch of escorts coming to retrieve her at the door, and she carefully straightened up, trying to put Niall Danbury at the back of her mind. Adelaide took a deep breath and before she was half-way to the room where she was going to be presented, she felt familiar arms around her neck.
"Oh Addie!" Katherine exclaimed, much to the annoyance of the escorts who didn't want to stall the Queen.
"Katherine! How wonderful to see you again!" One of the escorts cleared her throat slightly and Katherine rolled her eyes, but only so Adelaide could see. Adelaide placed a hand over her mouth to stop herself from giggling. Katherine locked arms with her sister as they walked in together for Adelaide's presentation to Catherine.