vampire knight Vampire Knight Season Three???

Nariya913 posted on Jul 26, 2011 at 09:29PM
Okay I am so ADDICTED to Vampire Knight and when I finished season two "Vampire Knight Guilty" it seemed like that was the end, but do
you think that there will be a season three? Because the manga is on going and maybe season three will be about what happens after they leave to the Kuran Mansion. Idk, but post your opinion on if you think that there will be a season three and what you think it might be about. :) I love you Zero and Kaname!!! <3

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over a year ago KoolKat230 said…
there may be season 3 they left it abit open and yeah the manga is ongoing so lets hope so
over a year ago VampireKnights said…
There probably won't be a season three as posted on other questions such as this one. There are many misleading rumors that make you wish there were going to be one, but there's not going to be one, sadly. There weren't enough views when the anime was on television, so this is the cause. The only thing that will continue is the manga, there are already 79 chapters released.
over a year ago jeninasolon96 said…
there is NO season 3 some say it'll be released in april but im not sure so i presume there will be none