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Okay so i stoped leitura when I found about Yuki and Kaname getting together but see i saw somewhere that Yuki and Kaname had the last name and i confused me. Did they get married or did it change because he changed her into a vampire?

 Zutara4always posted over a year ago
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sailor_spade15 said:

they are brother and sister.

weird right? Go Zeki!!
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 **spoiler they are brother and sister. weird right? Go Zeki!!
posted over a year ago 
whoot! I'm sooo happy! When I asked on yahoo who Yuki ends up with someone said Yuki saw Zero as a brother and I was like what??? Kaname is mais like a brother, i mean she's known him since she was a little kid and I always thought it was creepy for Kaname to like a girl who he watched grow up and now everything is just perfect!
Zutara4always posted over a year ago
ya but keep leitura something happens, not gonna tell u what though
kornlover posted over a year ago
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