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Source: Collage made por me, other imagens found in various locations.
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Source: collage me, pictures found from various sources
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Once upon a time, there was a stupid 17 ano old girl, called Celydee. She was used to hanging out in this wonderful, magic land which was called "The Leyton apaixonados Thread". Lead por their most wonderful queen, all of the people lived happily in harmony.

One day, chaos struck over the land, as Celydee forgot the most important dia of the year: the birthday of His Royal Highness, queen Mooshie.

Panick emerged, as Celydee was desperately trying to seek help from her fellow citizens.

Help eventually came from a sorcerer named Stones who restored rest & order in the magical land....
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Amberry♥ So originally I was supposed to write you a Pathan/Sawyer one-shot but my creative juices are just running so low these days:( *besides gotta save something for your birthday:P* So I honestly don't even know what this is but here...lmao. It's lame but whatever:P {Oh btw, I wonder who I am?:P}

Peyton sat in red bedroom records trying to focus on the demo she was listening to but her eyes kept flickering back to what was laying on her desk. Heaving a sigh...
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