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(Nellie's P. O.V.)
Papyrus had just returned from patrol,"Hiya Papy!" I said excitedly. Little did the skeleton know, I was MADLY in amor with him. Papyrus held up the case to season one of Invader ZIM, "Would you like to watch this, human?" he asked sweetly. I nodded and placed the disc in the drive. As the episode started, I shivered. Papyrus carefully wrapped me in his scarf. I snuggled into it, "Papyrus, why didja take your scarf off? You always wear it." He began to stutter, "I, The Great- I think my espaguete is burning!" the skeleton managed. I giggled, "But you aren't making any."...
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posted by InvaderEleanor

Name:Nellie Dawn Rose




Species/What Are They:Half skeleton, half kitsune

Soul (Color):Pink/Turquoise

Sexuality: None


Atc: 1,000



Powers/Attacks:Candy sticks/ doces Gaster-Blaster/

Weapons:hand guns

Fighting Style: ninjitsu


Friends With: Toriel, Asriel, Sans, Frisk, Napstablook

Neutral With: Undyne

Enemies With: Mettaton, Chara, Flowey





Personality Towards Humans:Kind

Personality Towards Strangers:Suspicious

Personality Towards Friends:Amazeballs

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Oh boy! Time sure does go bye fast! I feel like just yesterday.Ah yes late 2016.This game introduced me to. fandoms,forgiveness,and shipping.So I am gonna talk about my experience with undertale and how it changed me for the better.Alrighty lets go! How I first found out about undertale.Okay so like must people it was through a playthrough.It was from a channel called peter knetter. (totally should go watch him) but he only made it to muffet for some reason.but after that I was just like.Meh this game looks average..But then I looked at THE SOUNDTRACK.I mean it was at lateat night.Theh I saw...
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posted by Mellowix
Personally I would make Undertale 2 a prequel, explaining some of the unanswered of Undertale. Like who was Gaster or How long were the monster trapped underground for?

It would also be a great opportunity to see what some of the characters were like when they were children. I mean, can you just imagine Baby Papyrus? :3

!!! Warning Possible Spoilers !!!

My Undertale 2 Vision:

I would have it, that you play as Monster who is a member of the Royal Guard, who own an apartment in the capital (In this game, you get a much mais deep look at Capital and what's it like to live in it).

The game starts...
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Soon when I first knew about UnderTale

my Uncle: Oh yes

my cousin: You sound like Mettaton when u say that XD

me: What the heck is Mettaton?

my cousin: he's like a robot Flovio. he's from a game. he likes saying oh yes!

Me: Oh he sounds interesting!

my cousin: Yeah. Don't play it tho. it says words. I will show you Mettaton. *looks up Mettaton* see?

Me: oh cool.

my Cousin: Lets see this video! *clicks the video*

Me: Can I hear? Is it saying any bad words?

My cousin: No its just game sounds.

In present


My cousin: ................. I'm not into it anymore

posted by thetankmoment
So, I've noticed a lot of people debating Frisk and Chara's genders...

"No, Chara's obviously a girl!"

"No, Frisk has to be a boy!"

"No, both of them are agender! You're misgendering the characters!"

So what are my thoughts on this?

It's stupid, and it isn't possible to "misgender" Frisk or Chara.

Toby raposa has stated that the reason the two don't have genders is so that you can create your own story for the two, they're personality, gender, age, etc. So they are neither male, female or agender canonly. Their gender depends on your canon. And remember that different people have different canons, so...
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