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Should You Change For Your Man, Like Bella Does For Edward? Or Stay True To Yourself, Like Sookie?



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Bella_090 said:
I think it depends on your own view. After all Bella never felt equal to people in her age. And in the end she says something like she was born to become a vampire someday.
I guess it's just the situation you're in. In Bellas situation I would have done the same.
And I think - in a way - Bella stays true to herself. No matter what she decides there's no turning back. The supernatural world is hers. And living with Edward and dying someday? Not a good option for me!
posted over a year ago.
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if my partner is loving and caring then i will change my self ,because may be there could be some something in my nature that may he does not like.but i can not be rude or selfish,i can change my self in a positive i love to melt my self and be the one that my partner loves me a lot.and i think no one is complete so all of us has some good and bad moods and natures, so we should change our self for goodness and true love.
posted over a year ago.
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I totally agree with Bella_090...and I wouldnt say Bella "changed" herself for Edward ...I would say she "evolved" into the Bella she was destined to be...and in my opinion Bella is the strongest character in the series...she was willing to give her life for Edward...she held her ground when it came to her pregnancy...she was ready to fight to the death for the life of her does that spell 'weak'? Yes she had a broken heart in New Moon and that made her appear weak..but has anyone one of us truely found our "soul mates"? Would we even know what it would be like to lose one? I know Im broken up I've been when I've lost a boyfriend...couldnt even imagine what it would be like to lose a soul mate.
posted over a year ago.
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