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 Breaking Dawn part 2 characters
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This série crepúsculo fotografia might contain retrato, headshot, close up, and closeup.

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oi everybody. sorry its taken so long i've had quite a lot to do. its not long but i hope you like it anyway :) Cari i hope the last bits okay you logged off when i needed the answer so i just went with my instincts, i hope thats fine with you??

part 3
Carlisle wasn’t listening to much of our conversation. He seemed preoccupied in his own thoughts.
“Are you okay?” I asked him. Edward suddenly let out a growl, letting go of my waist, he stalked out.
“What’s the matter?” Emmett asked.
“I know who’s after us.” Carlisle said dully.
“Who?” Esme pleaded.
“Victoria’s sister,...
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Edward biting Bella to suck out James' venom and save her humanity :)
bella cisne
edward cullen
bite scene
robert pattinson
kristen stewart
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Things are getting tough!

Bella's POV

When Edward and I were about to leave to La Push, I heard someone yell..

"Rosalie!!!!!!!!!! Rosalie where are you?!?!" I heard Emmett say.
" What's going on?" I said.
"Rosalie said she'll be looking around the woods in the South and said she will be back in an hour."
Edward told Emmett'" Well, wait for an hour."
" It's been 5 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Keep looking. And she isn't back in three hours, we assumed that she's missing."
Emmett nodded and left to search.
I was getting upset again.
" Rosalie is gone and now Rosalie!?!?" I screamed.
alm down, we will g to La...
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This is the segundo book to my first short story "As the sun sets" This is a story about the life of Renesmee Carlie Cullen ( In her POV with some exceptions) now that she is a teenager!

I suggest leitura my first book (as the sun sets), so you can better understand this one (Daylight) This will take place just where we left off in the first novel! Please Enjoy, and thank-you!

I hope you enjoy this book as much (if not more) as you did the last! Again any comments, questions, suggestions please leave a comment or message me! I will always respond to fanmail ASAP!

Chapter 3: Understated

One of...
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[Edward POV]
I know I'm impatient,no I'm getting angry with the plane where my Isabella is riding.'No,no,no, she is not mine.She is my sister now'.Finally,the plane has landed.Alice is jumping up and down now.She is annoying but I amor her.She is my favorito sister.I got worried because there is still no sign of a girl name Isabella.'Edward,please calm down'Jasper thought.'Hahaha,Edward is in amor with our new sister'Emmett thought.'Isabella shopping shopping dress up'Alice thought.Then when I'm about to ask Alice where is Isabella.A beautiful girl came out the door.She looks so fragile.She...
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