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 Edward and Bella drawing
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A cute fã drawing of Bella and Edward I found.
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 Elaine nickname Ellie
Elaine nickname Ellie
Ellie pov.

I put on a light pair of jeans and a tank topo, início after taking a short but comforting hot shower. I should enjoy it while it lasts at least. I gave up on trying to dry my damp hair and went to sit at the tiny cozinha table. I started sorting through the mail but stopped. I stood up after quickly leitura through and rushed into the hall as the front door opened.

"What's this?" I shouted at my mom, waving the paper in my hands.

"What's what?" The words were slurred.

I knew she was drunk again por the way she blinked and held on to the wall.

"Mom, how could you!?" I shouted horrified. "Five...
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