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 fã Picture of Rob in Montreal - August 14
fã Picture of Rob in Montreal - August 14
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posted by MadisonAmpt
Having trouble. but this is a long one

I woke up on a hard freezing cold floor with a killer head ache. i slowly got up and stood there waiting for the dizziness to go away. Its pitch black i cant see a thing, am i dead? what the hell happened? where am i? i have a thousand perguntas running through my head and i dont have an answer for any of them. I decided i had been standing here for long enough and started to walk around, until i ran straight into a mural and fell right on my bum. "Shit" i whispered under my breath. i got up and felt the mural with my hands. i kept walking wile tracing my...
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posted by alicecullen91
I thought the movie was great! If i had to rate this movie it would be an A.
Acting: B+
Directing: A
Story: A

My favorito parts have to be:
+the beijar scene
+how the movie started
+how the movie ended (good cliffy)
+the baseball scene (very funny)
+the prom
+bella tellimg charlie that she a encontro, data with edward.
+the meadow

My least favorito parts are:
- how edward acted soooo dramatic at the meadow
-the hospital scene at the end of the movie (a little mais detail needed to be added)
-the WAY too fake flying and running with bella.

thanks to the movie, i really enjoyed some of the characters in the book, for...
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