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Rumor or Not?

London, July 11 – ‘Twilight’ estrela Ashley Greene has sparked rumours that she’s dating Joe Jonas after the two tried to have a secret encontro, data but went to London’s most exclusive restaurant The Ivy.

The duo was in town for the premiere of the latest Twilight film, ‘Eclipse’.

They tried to keep their jantar encontro, data hush-hush to avoid being spotted together.

“They had a very romantic night at The Ivy. They arrived separately and then left out por the back door where there were two vans with blacked-out windows waiting to whisk them away,” News Of The World quoted a fonte as saying.

The fonte addded: “They looked like a lovely couple. Had a few drinks and were clearly enjoying not being hounded like they would have been in Los Angeles.
posted by LexisFaith
In case you didn't notice, these two are the first artigo in Edward's pov insted of Bella's. Sorry, I forgot to mention that.

"I found her." I smiled back.
"I know." Alice, bounced on her toes.
"Wait, you knew she was here?"
"Yes." She admitted. "I wanted it to be a surprise. Why do you think I was able to talk everyone into moving down here?" She giggled and I looked up to Jasper.
"You knew too?" I asked him.
"She told us not to think about it around you. Sorry." He half smiled.
I shook my head. "I don't have words to think you right now." I told...
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posted by LexisFaith
I normally drove my Volvo, but tonight Rosalie was behind the wheel. I had my headphones to my ipod tight in my ears, so I could hear nothing but the music. I knew what song was playing on the radio por whatching Alice's and Rosalie's mouths moving. Swimming por Florence + the Machine.
I could see Emmett's head appear then dissapear behind the headrest as he head banged to his ipod. Jasper was staring out the window tuning out everything around him.
Emmett was in the passenger assento infront of me. Alice was sitting in between me and Jasper, bouncing up and down to the song.
I rested my head against...
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posted by karpach_13
 this is ivan
this is ivan
we walked upto jake and he just looked at eric. i wondered what he was planning to do but i wasn't really good at guessing so theres no help. i looked at jake. his eyes were burning with anger.
"jake whats wrong?" i asked him. no answer, only two of them staring at each other, it was like a staring competition. them i saw sam and seth come to the school. then i knew there was going to be danger for sure.
"sam!" i yelled. he walked up to and started whispering something to seth.
"what is it nessie?" he asked me.
"whats happening with jake?" i asked him. he didnt look worried at all, like it was...
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posted by Jessie-Louise
It was the seguinte day,i looked at my alarm clock it was 7.35.
Mom and dad had already woken,the smell of bacon, toucinho was lingering underneath my door. Dad walked in with a bacon, toucinho sanduíche and told me to wake up,but i was already awake i looked at him and smiled he handed me the sanduíche and sat down near me.
"I'm proud of you princess,i mean taking this baby on,you will be a great mother.Okay Jacob will be a great father too,Aha.Maybe this baby will bring me and jacob closer togeather and we could stop all this argueing."
Dad said to me in a happy voice.

Cough* Cough* i started to choke on my sandwich.
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posted by Jessie-Louise
"I just can't belive..."jacob stuttered , a tear rolled down his cheek, i'd never seen him cry before "You don't want it ....You dont amor me i," I spluttered quickly "NO NO! I'm , i'm just so ,so happy" he smiled slowly, lovingly , his eyes melted into mine and we shared a kiss.
i whispered softly in his ear "its funny you know,", "why" jacob looked at me puzzled "my mom is pregnant to,"i smiled gently .
"Really,How, she is, you no,A Vampire." He whispered slowly in my ear.
"I know but its a miracle,im gunna have a child and a new brother or sister in the same month."
After about an hora Jacob...
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After u readd this u need 2 add a comit and i will thank u.tell me wat u think and if u r sad it is almost over...if u r then do u want to beg i MIGHT make a bonuz chapter after its all over...would u like dat?

Rosalie’s P.O.V:
I cheirado, cheirava, smelt the ground that stood beneath my feet. It smelled Victoria. She challenged us to a fight-we get our army she gets hers. Of course she wasn’t fighting. She had her little Riley and Bree-who was a scared as a pissing dog about to get smacked por the furious owner. I stalked over to Jasper and let out all my instincts. He was training us to fight the...
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posted by DestinyGirl
Well, here you go, Edward's P.O.V!!!:D

4. First Sight

*Edward's P.O.V

It was the first dia of school. Again. Hopefully this year——our last ano in Forks High School——will be just a little mais interesting than our last two years, but why hope? Nothing interesting was going to happen here——high school of all places.

I heard that there were at least three new students this year. Alice thought nonchalantly as she stared out the window.

I rolled my eyes——more than half of the school population were thinking about the new 'hot kids.' I was slightly surprised to find them thinking of them...
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posted by NeeNee14
I went início a couple hours of later. I didn't have to go to school because it was Thanksgiving break. So I decided to ask my dad can I drive down to Portland to visit my friends. He said yes.
I was packing my bag for my trip when I heard the doorbell ring.."Coming!!"I yelled. I opened my door and Seth was standing there.
"Hey" I said and gave him a hug. I went up stairs and he followed me. I closed my bag and sat it near my door.
"Where are you going?" Seth asked me.
"I'm going to Portland for break to visit some friends" I said and sat down seguinte to him and he wrapped his arms around me.
"I'm coming...
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posted by NeeNee14
I was with my mom in a Ballet studio, Dancing with her. In the middle of the dance she started to fade away. I stopped dancing and started to panic
"Mom,mom!!!Don't leave me I Need you!!!"I kept yelling.
"It's okay Ladybug, I'll always be there..and you'll always make the right choices no matter what happens..." Then she vanished into thin air.
I woke up panting and sweating...
"It's okay Ladybug. it's okay"I heard my dad say as he rubbed my hand. I was confused of where I was. I looked around and saw that I was hooked up to an IV,I was so confused of why I'm in here,but then I remembered The accident...
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posted by Tatti
Hi guys, sorry that I haven’t post anything in a while, but I hope you’ll forgive me:D I’ve got some unexpected things popped to myself too so I’ve decided to end this story sooner than I planned. Thanks to all who followed and commented it, I really really appreciate that.


11th chapter Ending


“So there are mais like you with Volturi?” Edward asked in shock, I guess my face was a bit shocked too. Jalley just nodded.
“There are six of us. The bad news that the rest of them, differently from us, are very satisfied with their lives in Volterra.”
“But why it should be a problem,...
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posted by NeeNee14
I got ready for school the seguinte day, as I walked out the house. I saw Danny standing in my yard. I looked down the rua and saw Seth standing there. Iran up to Danny and jumped into his arms and kissed him. I felt the tears pouring down my face, not because I missed Danny, but because I hurt Seth. He put me down and hugged me.
"I missed you so much Cookie" he said. I didn't say anything."Let's go okay." He walked me over to his car and shut the door after me. Just as he was about to get in, someone pulled him from the car and punched him in his face. I got up and saw Seth standing over him.
"Stay away from my girlfriend you prick!!" I heard him yell at Danny who was laying on the floor holding his nose. I stormed past them both and hopped into my car and drove off. I felt the tears streaming down my face. seguinte thing I know everything went black and I could her Seth calling my name.
"Lanise!!Lanise!!Somebody call the hospital!!!sSomebody please-"and evrything went silent....
posted by NeeNee14
I pulled in front of my house and Seth was sitting on my porch.
"Hey " he said and got up. he was going to give me a hug but I put my hand on his chest to stop him. he looked at me confused.
"I'm so sweaty." I said a little embarrassed. I put my hand down and walked towards the house. He picked my up from behind and carried me in. He carried me into my room and threw me on my bed. he laid seguinte to me.
"Are you gonna wait here?"I asked him.
"I'll always wait for you." He said. I smiled and got up, grabbed my towel and a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I hopped in the chuveiro and washed my hair. I hurried...
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posted by NeeNee14
I had all my classes with Seth,but this one girl kept giving me the evil eye. I just ignored her.I sat with Seth and his friends Jacob, Paul, Quil,Kim, and Nessie.
Seth came over after school. He waited for me to change because I had to go to Ballet practice. I came down with my hair in a bun , my leotard and some shorts on. I sat my bag por the door.
Seth stared at me and smiled. He motioned for me to come sit por him on the couch.
"Lanise, I need to tell you something.OK?It may sound weired but its all true."He said to me. I shook my head
"Seth I will believe anything you say."
"I' m a werewolf...and...
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posted by NeeNee14
I got up the seguinte morning and got up to get ready for school. My phone kept going off. It was Danny, but I ignored it. I decided to where my black skinny jeans and my rosa, -de-rosa plaid flannel camisa with my black ballet flats. My dad already left for work so I grabbed my bolsa and book bag and walked out.
I started to walk towards school since it was only a ten minuto walk when a car pulled along side me.
"Hey do You wanna ride.?" The guy asked. He was cute,but not like my Seth. I smiled at the thought of him being mine.
"I'm okay" I said. I thought he would pull away but he kept right along aside me....
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Twilight fãs can get out of hand, right?And even obsessive.They amor the movies/books that they go crazy for it, and it bothers a lot of anti-Twilighters.Not only is the movies/books strongly ridiculed, but so are the fans!The fãs are mocked, made fun of, and teased.Even called names such as retarded, stupid, idiots, and are even considered unintelligent.All because of a person's interests.

I find it unfair how judged Twi-lovers get over something they enjoy.Would they like it if someone else insulted them over something they liked?Probably not.Twilight fãs are ridiculed online, too.Here...
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posted by AnonymousXXX
Chapter 8

Just thought I would give you some of Ethan’s point of view.

It pained me to leave her but I had to. I try to see and be in her dream but she wasn’t dreaming. This confused me and frustrated me than my great aunt Alice. She had to play dress up with my imprint NOW. Alana was stone, cold on the cama unconscious. She was picking at my nerves and sending me over edge.
“Ethan you will survive. I know you don’t think so right now but you will because she needs you.” Edward was trying his best to keep me calm.
“How do you know? You can’t even read her mind. You also don’t...
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posted by NeeNee14
I didn't want to mover to Forks , but my dad got a position at their hospital the head surgeon. We were moving onto a Indian Reservation called La Push. I used to come here all the time when I was little and spend time with my Aunt. I used to play with a couple of the kids there too. We pulled in front of a small house.
"Well this is our house Lanise." he said to me.
"Really?" I said trying to hide my dislike for it.
"Yes really" He said after I got out the car
I grabbed my bags and and walked into the house. I walked up stairs and into my room. I decided to put up my things later.
"I'm going...
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posted by NeeNee14
Dear fanpop users,

What do you think if I wrote a story about a girl named Lanise (only name i can really think of) fell in amor with Seth.(Seth imprinted on her)but Seth's Ex-Girlfriend is trying to get rid of her and torment her por befriending her and telling her lies about Seth and it forces her to ignore Seth but she becomes depresses(or something like that)....Would you read it????? I think it would be good what about you???All opinions are welcome.

~ Plz comment and tell me what you think ~
posted by a-jforever
Ok I'm feeling really stupid right about now. After posting Part 1 I remembered that Paul and Rachel (Jakes sister) are Imprinted. So I feel so stupid. Anyway thanks to CarlislesLover I had an idea to fix this. So here It goes:

“Hey you’ve reached Kim’s phone, sorry I can’t talk right now, and I’ll ring you back later.” For Christ’s sake, does everyone hate me today? I slammed the door of my mini, fuming. I slung my bag over the couch, sprawling across the floor. Damn it was so hot today; I closed my eyes to try to escape from the heat. I thought mum said it was never hot here?...
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