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 My version of Renesmee on her wedding day...
My version of Renesmee on her wedding day...
oi guys! sorry it's taken me a bit longer for this chapter! I've been a mental Mute lately :)
Once again thanks to everyone of you who reads these and for your support too :)x

I woke up in the morning feeling refreshed and happy, Jacob had stayed with me last night, he'd had no problem now we were to be married in just a days time, the wedding licence should be arriving today whilst I was at Larnaca Airport collecting my Aunt and Uncle. I looked at the clock and decided half past eight was all the sleep I could manage. Today would drag slowly I was sure of it, I was so excited for tomorrow to come and it would feel a thousand years away naturally. I jumped out of cama and wrapped a silk vestido around myself, it was so hot last night I'd slept only in my underwear, Jacob's voice came floating to me from the cozinha along with the smell of eggs and bacon, toucinho and my mouth was watering.

"Jacob? Did you save me any breakfast?"

"I made breakfast in cama for you but seeing as your up now we'll have breakfast on the balcony, if you'd like?" He smiled as I leaned up against the corner of the arch way looking at him cook.

"Morning honey, smells good, I'll go set up shall I?" I smirked to him, now I looked at him Jacob's smile was the most beautiful thing in the world to me, at one point it was Bella, I was amazed por the weight of my decision I finally figured out what the raging grief was it was because I hadn't known if Jacob would agree to this marriage or whether he would run away. I felt mais bouyant than I had in months.

I just finished setting the mesa, tabela up when the phone rang, Jacob answered it just as I dashed into the living room to get it.


"Put Renesmee on the phone Jacob, NOW!" My coração sank as I heard my Father's voice on the other end of the line. Jake passed me the phone and I took it with a shaking hand

"Edward, how did you get this number?" I spat down the phone

"It doesn't matter how I got it, what matters is that you intend TO MARRY JACOB BLACK! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE PLAYING AT RENESMEE?!" He yelled at me like I was two years old.

"It's NONE of your business Edward, in less than twenty-four hours I will be legally Mrs. Black and there isn't a DAMNED thing you can do about it! Get off MY line and go bother someone else will you? I've got to go dress shopping." With that I slammed the phone down and went to get my breakfast.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this Sweet? We can always wait you know, I'm su-" Jacob broke off at the murderous glare I was giving him. "Jacob, I don't want to wait any longer, I'm an adult and I make my own decisions. Edward and Bella don't understand what I need anymore, which is why I made such a big production of leaving with you, why I refuse point blank to speak with anyone but Rosalie, Emmett and Carlisle. They don't understand you which means they don't understand what I need to be able to survive and I can't live with people who just don't get it! Your marrying me tomorrow Jacob Black or so help me GOD I will never let you forget it!" My sharp tone was all it took for him to cave in, Jacob couldn't refuse me anything, thank god for imprinting. It was almost dusk and almost time for me to drive the hora and a half to pick up the two people who understood me completely, my beautiful and talented Aunt Rosalie and my easy going, fun loving Uncle Emmett. I was totally looking progressivo, para a frente to seeing them again, it felt like months since I had seen them when in reality it had been just a matter of days. "I better get going if I'm to get there on time." I sighed and kissed the topo, início of Jacob's head as I walked passed.

I left the house, in nothing mais than the mini - saia and vest topo, início with sandals that my Aunt Alice had brought me a few months ago, and set off in the red peugeot 307 conversível I'd brought myself as an early wedding present.
The drive to Larnaca was uneventful almost to the point of boring, the only thing that saved it was of course the amazing veiws and city lights, it was mais than just breathtaking when your whole life has been spent in a dark dank hole in the U.S.

I finally arrived at the airport, ready to face my family, well what I wanted of it anyway. I heard them before I saw them and the malicious tone in Rosalie's voice had me cowering in the shadows. I didn't want to face her if she was angry at me. Then something so unexpected happend I had to shove my fist into my mouth to keep from screaming

She's going to be coração broken when she finds out Edward is with us, she's going to HATE me! Oh God!

Emmett was speaking but he wouldn't talk like that out loud, not with me so close I could hear, my other power, my Father's power had come back just without the mind blowng agony in my brain, no wonder Rosalie was pissed, she'd had to lie to me about everything, Edward had been with them on the plane over here and now I needed my escape plan.

I am going to KILL you Edward! How can you do this to her? She maybe your daughter but just think about what this would mean to her, for her to never have to leave Jacob, it would make her so happy Edward, so very happy, if you do this I'm NOT speaking to you for the seguinte FIVE centuries and Bella will have it worse! I MEAN IT EDWARD ANTHONY MASEN! DON'T YOU DO IT!

Now it was Rosalie's turn to bawl at Edward mentally, I vagely wondered where Masen had come from, I could see his plan too, how he'd make them turn around, pretend to forget a bag or something then he'd grab me and dash for my plane, it was ready and waiting for him, he wasn't even going to let me call Jacob! I was murderously angry and I was half vampire too, I needed my own life, Edward was NOT going to live through me any longer.

"I know your here Edward, before we speak, fetch the others of the plane, I'm not going back to Forks, or Denali. I have a house here and a car and soon a job, one's just come up, so go and get Bella, Carlisle, Esme, Alice and Jasper. I want a vote." The words leaked from me like bubbling acid, I hated this man who called himself a Father, he knew nothing and it was about time he learned the truth.

"You will come início with me tonight Renesmee, I forbid you to disobey me!" His silken voice came out in a hiss as he turned on his heel and fled back to the tarmac.

"Hurry Emmett, Rose, we haven't much time." This was my plan, I was going to escape in the car then on a barco and because I still intended on marrying Jacob I would need my two witnesses with me.

I saw them both blur past me into the car, I shot after them and leaped into the driver's seat, slamming my foot down on the gas pedal as I did so, I turned to get one last glimpse of the airport and saw all of them, Edward, Bella, Esme, Carlisle, Alice and Jasper all standing there with hurt and betrayal etched into every line on the smooth marble that was their skin but it was Alice who looked so desolate I had to do something to change her innocent features back to normal.

I slammed my foot on the brake."I can't do it, I can't just leave it like this, look at Alice and Esme too, they look coração broken. Rosalie, Emmett do you swear to protect me from Edward and Bella?" They nodded in unison "Follow me in taxies, give the address of 2094 Lamos Nicosia. I'll meet you back there." I spoke directly to Alice this time, even managing a tiny hint of a smile, she nodded and practically chucked the rest of the waiting vampiros into the back of two taxies.

"I'm so, so, sorry Nessie-bear. Carlisle came up with the idea and at first they weren't fol-" I held up my hand to silence her, "Rosalie, I really don't... want to hear it ok? I'm tired of lies and being lied too, so do me a favour and SHUT THE HELL UP!" I didn't mean to yell at her but it slipped out, I wasn't in the mood to care anyway. With the two taxies following my car I sped off towards Nicosia and the enevetable fight that was to be fought tonight.

It didn't bother me that I was in trouble or that I hated my parents, what bothered me was that I had to fight for the freedom to amor Jacob and be loved por him, this struggle was getting harder and harder to win but I would win it... I know I can find the will to keep fighting for my freedom, not just from my parents but from the never ending twilight my life had become and to be who I wanted to be, not who my parents thought I should be...

I was going to marry Jacob Black and nobody was going to stand in my way...
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