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(continued from Renn and Michas Life Chapter 9)

Felix holds my arm tightly as he walks me to the place where I am to live as long as they let me.I don't look up or around at the surroundings. I just lower my head and taste the salty tears as they slowly stream from my eyes. You would think that I would want to run, but I just feel like there is nothing left of me, like I am empty. And the fact that he could crush me in an instant has some effect.

We stop walking, and look up in time to see him open a creaky door. He then pushes me inside and locks it behind him.

I stand up off the cold floor, and lift up my head to see my...room, as they call it.

There is an old iron framed cama in the corner, a small escrivaninha, mesa por the door, and a few nearly melted candles on the floor. The floor is made of dark stones, and it is wet from the old, moist air. There are no windows on either of the four walls. I can see that it was built to enclose someone, or something. To keep it hidden.

I walk over to the cama and sit on it. There are no springs, and I doubt that it is not infested with bedbugs. I have always hated bugs. Especially bedbugs. I just picture them crawling in my hair, and my clothes.

I feel the slightest shudder up my spine, when I see the red stains on the sheets, and floor, no doubt they are blood.

I jump off the cama in disgust, and stand in the middle of the room for sometime wondering how I could be so stupid. I guess some people just don't have what it takes to be alive. And I for sure don't.

But it is not that that sickens me. It is the fact that I will never be able to hold my son again. Or press my hand against his cheek and show him a cama time story. He loved that. Or that the dia I find out that my husband is alive, I lose him again, forever.

I slump against the mural and lean my head onto it, feeling my hair get wet at the touch. Not that it wouldn't have gotten wet to begin with. I mean the whole place looks like someone too a hose to it.

I close my eyes, trying to calm down and not think of how I ruined everything, when I feel a small tingling across my neck. I feel it crawl towards my chest and I open my eyes ever so slightly, just in time to see the large white and red aranha bite me. It burns, but I can't even scream because it hurts too bad. I brush it away with as much strength as I can muster, and squish it to the floor before I fall on the ground my self.


I open my eyes and instantly feel an aching, burning sensation across my chest, and my left arm. I reach down and touch where the aranha bit me. My skin there has turned white, and feels cold to the touch. There is also a sharp pain almost as bad as if I were hit por a truck. I feel like I have been hit por a truck or a train, maybe even run over. I never knew a aranha bite could be so painful. I wonder seguinte if I am going to die, not that it would make a difference. I'm already dead to the world. And if I don't die now, I'll die here sooner or later.
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