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I believe Twlight has gone too far on Fanpop. Don't worry...I am not a Twilight hater! I amor Twilight! I have read all the books and seen all three filmes (can't wait for Breaking Dawn, btw!) but the amount of clubes based on Twilight...WOW! too many 2 count.

I have no problem with having a Jacob Black club or a Edward Cullen club or even an Edward and Bella club. The thing I am against is rephrasing the words of another club and making it into a club. For example: The Edward and Bella club has recently had a Edward Cullen and Kristen Stewart club added. Why? Edward is a character and Kristen is a person! WTF?!

The point I am essentially trying to get across is: Don't make duplicate clubs! It is soooooo frustrating because ur looking at exactly the same thing when u click on the other club. If ur guilty of the "duplicate club making" crime, u can stop it por not adding anything mais to ur club and por adding stuff to the original club. Thanx for reading...pls leave comments (positive or negative)!
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this was a moment of leitura aleatório ways to freak people out.

1. walk into class and too your teacher and say "oh you do have a mouthwatering scent I have never noticed before."
2. if you sit at a escrivaninha, mesa on your own turn to the empty escrivaninha, mesa and cry "oh Edward my amor how i wish you were here to give me something nice to look at instead of the teachers ass." start to sob with no tears coming out.
3. if you are sitting seguinte to someone lean in very deliberately and sniff there shoulder and say "I am very thirsty today."
4. walk in wearing a gold band on your wedding finger and wave it about saying "i...
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One of the best scenes in Twilight was when Bella descovered what Edward is..!The dialogue was perfect and Edward's face was something between sweet and sad,scared and worried!He didn't know how bad could Bella react,or how could her reaction effect their relantioship!Bella seems to not was afraid just a little like she couldn't just believe it! She knew that Edward wouldn't hurt her..
----“Your impossibly fast and strong, your skin is pail white and ice cold, your eyes change color and sometimes you speak like your from a different time, you never eat or drink anything, you dot go out in...
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I wrote a poem about Edward and Bella and I just thought I might share it... =) Sorry if the composição literária is a bit lovey dovey and corny! =)

So the lion fell in love
And the lamb, well she fell too
It didn’t take a genius
To know their amor was true

She held right on to him
Never wanting to let go
The secrets he kept hidden
Were now hers to know

The fragrance of his breath
The touch of his hand
Not a word needed
For them to understand

But what would happen next?
When her blood was his desire
Every moment with her
Was like walking on fire

In her eyes was the world
She made his coração alive
He showed her love, where...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*


As I half-ran to class, my head was spinning faster than the bottle cap. So few perguntas had been answered in comparison to how many new perguntas had been raised. At least the rain had stopped.
I was lucky; Mr. Banner wasn't in the room yet when I arrived. I settled quickly into my seat, aware that both Mike and Angela were staring at me. Mike looked resentful; Angela looked surprised, and slightly awed.
Mr. Banner came in the room then, calling the class to order. He was juggling a few small cardboard boxes in his arms. He put them down...
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