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Ahhh…. Adoption dia was finally here. “Sarah, are you ready to go?” Alice called to me from down stairs. “Coming!” I called back. I walked out of Alice’s room and down the stairs. Of course all of the Cullen’s were standing at the bottom of the stairs, including three faces I didn’t recognize. Esme was the first one to me. “I’m so glad that we are getting another member of the family!” she said hugging me tightly. Then the women that I didn’t recognize spoke. “Hello Sarah welcome to the family. My name is Bella and this is mine and Edwards’s daughter Nessie” “Hi nice to meet you!” I said. Then I realized that Nessie and the man standing seguinte her were both looking at me strangely. But before I could ask why Alice and Jasper were pulling me out the door and the others were waving and saying goodbye. We arrived at the town office to make the adoption happen. We went back to the room and we all sat down. Soon a woman entered with long black hair and her suit on. “Hello my name is Mary and I just need to ask you a few perguntas first.” “Ok that’s fine.” Alice said before I could answer. “Ok Sarah so your birth parents are dead how did they die?” she asked. I paused I really didn’t want to answer this pergunta but I want a new start so I knew I has to. “They were killed.” I replied. Jasper and Alice shot each other a glance but said nothing. “And you were sent here then romantically involved what happened?” she continued. “Well I got a letter about a mês after my parent died and it said that I would come here to finish my education and then I would get to go to the collage of my choice. And yes I was involved with a boy named Miles but he was killed in an accident up in the mountains.” I replied. “Thank you Sarah. You can wait outside and Alice and Jasper will finish the paper work. After a while Jasper and Alice came out of the room and dragged me to the car. They drove início as fast as the car would go then Alice picked me up and ran with me up the stairs. Then Alice and Jasper told everyone what happened at the adoption agency. “No I can’t sorry Alice it’s like she is blocking me I could read her this morning but know I can’t.” Edward said. Then Bella walked over to me and put a hand on my shoulder “Why don’t you tell us what has really been happening to you Sarah”.
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