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posted by CarlislesLover
I'm realy sorry I haven't posted this in ages.
Hope you like this.

The seguinte dia we all decided to visit the grave yard where Bella was buried. I didn’t go to the funeral so I hadn’t seen her grave before. We walked past all the others, the graves stone were faded with age. Most of them went back to beyond fifty years ago. The most recent one before Bella was over one hundred years ago. Bella’s grave stone was seguinte to it sparkling like a diamond. It was white marble and all kind of flores were placed around it. I read the grave stone.

Isabella Marie Swan
Born 1987- Died 2005
Aged 18
A death at a young age yet shall always be loved

I looked around. Then I noticed we were at the back of the grave yard. Why was she buried here? I also noticed we weren’t in forks anymore or anywhere near it. “Carlisle, where are we? What is Bella’s grave doing at the back of the graveyard? She only just died”

“We’re in England”

“What is Bella’s grave doing in England?”

“Have you taken a proper look at the grave seguinte to Bella?” I looked closely at the grave seguinte to Bella’s. I read the name. Edward Mason. “This is my grave seguinte to Bella’s?”

“Yes we insisted”

“Why was I buried in England?”

“I don’t know, nobody does”

“How come there was a o espaço seguinte to mine?”

“Because you were meant to be married, your mother lied and told everyone you had a wife just to shut them up. So we had Bella buried seguinte to you” I was speechless. I couldn’t stand here anymore looking at her grave seguinte to mine. I wished I was actually buried seguinte to her right now. Esme wrapped her arm around me. “I think we should leave now” She dragged me out of the grave yard with the others following behind. We ran back início and I sat and did nothing.

8 Months later

I was still sat in the same place as I was eight months ago. “Edward I think it’s time you go hunting and we need to move” My throat burnt as soon as she said the word ‘hunt’, I didn’t want to go hunting. “Edward these letters came over the eight months that you’ve been sat there” Alice handed me the letters. There were five of them. I opened the first everyone came into watch. I read it aloud.

Dear Edward,
I saw you visit my grave and I guess you saw your own as well. It’s probably best you don’t go see it again. Please don’t starve yourself, you need to hunt. Carlisle and the others will look after you. I still amor you but you can’t still amor me. Find someone else. You need to get over me. I’m dead, gone and I’m the past. Drop the past behind you and mover on.

I freaked. Whoever sent this letter saw me visit Bella’s grave. I opened the seguinte and read it aloud again.

Dear Edward,
You are ridiculous. You and your family need to move. Fork’s is the past. I died months atrás now. Please mover on.

I was now beyond freaked out this person had seen me sit here doing nothing. I opened the seguinte leitura it out loud again.

Ok Edward this is pathetic. Get over me, set it in your brain that I’m dead, gone and not coming back. I know I sound harsh but what I’m saying is all true.

“Edward I don’t think you should read these anymore, they’re upsetting you”

“No Esme. I’m fine, I can carry on” I opened the next.

Edward you’re still sat in the same place. This is real stupid. HUNT!

I’m being stalked. Great. I then opened the fifth and final one.

Edward mover now before I come down to Forks and mover you myself.
P.S I can’t come down I’m dead how stupid

“Edward don’t read these anymore”

“Were they coming from?”

“Edward it doesn’t matter ok you’re not going to read anymore”

“No I want to know”




“YES IT DOES ESME” She gave in and so did I, in a way.

Please comment and give ideas. I hope the length of this makes up for the time I haven't posted.
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