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posted by Tatti
When I woke up it was hard to believe that everything I've been through these past three months was real. But me lying in a king size cama in a beautiful room was a prove I couldn't deny. I sat up in the cama and tried to come up with a plan but my head simply didn't work. And I felt hungry. When I got of the cama I remembered that I left my motel wearing only pajamas and a jacket. What am I going to do now? Show myself dressed like this? On the other hand why I should feel embarrassed? They kidnaped me after all - I didn't get a chance to pack my things. I sighed and went to a glass wall. I gazed at the trees for about a minuto when someone knocked on the door. What a politiness!
"Come in" - like I would have another choice besides letting them in. The dark hair girl came in and from my gathered information I was able to tell it was Alice. She was holding a bundle of clothes.
"Good morning" - if I wouldn't know a thing about her my first impression would say she's really cute.
"Yesterday I noticed you haven't got any proper clothes so I thought these might suit you" and she layed them on a bed.
"Thank you" being polite with someone who is hundred time faster and probably stronger than you shouldn't be a mistake.
"We're waiting for you downstairs. If you need anything else, just call me. And the bathroom is on the right of this room. Use everything you find" she smiled and in a segundo was gone. I blinked with surprise, I will never get use to this. I grabbed the clothes and went to bathroom - it was enormously huge and I had a long and refreshing shower. When I went to the pile of clothes I gasped. What the hell she was thinking? Does she called it proper clothes? It was a pile of expensive, fashionable and very open dresses. Maybe I should go downstairs in my pajamas? Finally I forced myself to pick the grey silky dress. I returned to my temporary room to grab my sneakers but it wasn't there. Instead I found a whole collection of high heeled shoes. They must be kidding me... Maybe it is some sort of of punishment? I won't be able to walk 3 steps in these without falling! But I guess I have no other choice, I shouldn't forget that I'm a prisoner. When I went downstairs they already was waiting for me.
"You look great!" Alice seemed to be very enthusiastic about this. "I can do your hair if you want!" My hair? Is she joking? What next, pajamas party with pedicure?
"No, thanks" I looked over their face and must say most of them didn't look hostile, a few of them - Carlisle, Esme and Bella smiled with encouragement. I wanted to ask them straight what they are planing to do with me but Esme interrupted my intentions.
"Are you hungry? We made you breakfast" suddenly I could smell comida and my stomach started growling. I followd her to kitchen. Besides me there was only one person, I guess they called him Jake, who was eating. He offered me a plate with omelet and I took it. While we were eating I couldn't stop gazing at him - he was very tall, muscular and, can't deny, very handsome. But his appearance reminded me something and all breakfast time I spent trying to remember what. Only when he stood up I realized:
"What?" he looked very surprised "How did you call me?"
"Are you Mr. Wolf? Vanessa's father?" his expression was still confused.
"It's my fault" I gasped when I saw Bela standing seguinte to me, I didn't hear a single sound informing me about her coming.
"Mr. Wolf?" Jake looked surprised "What am I missing?"
"Well... Not so long atrás there was danger to my daughter so in order to protect her I ask one of my friends to falsify two passports. And actually, her name isn't Vanessa. It's Reneesme"
"But we like to call her Nessie" Jake added happily and Bella threw him a weird look.
"So Mr. lobo and Vanessa is your daughter Nessie and this guy?"
"Yes. I'm surprised you've found that out"
"My job is to find out everything" - she only smiled
"We should go back to living room" she said and I nodded - I couldn't wait to hear my verdict any longer.
When we entered the room everyone turned around. They looked really concerned and then Carlisle stepped in front of me:
"There are something important we have to discuss"

Sorry for such ending, but hope you liked it, please leave a comment
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