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posted by Darktimes104
Thank you for leitura the 1st chapter...here's the second, I hope you enjoy and PLEASE comment!!!

Rosalie's POV

After Edward left I darted deeper into the woods beyond the clearing. There were bears around, I cheirado, cheirava, smelt them. I continued a little deeper into the woods until one of them came into view. I bent down into a crouch and struck at a cub that was in front of me. After I was done with the cub, I heard a scream of agony coming from straight ahead. I followed the sound until I came to a small clearing no bigger than a dorm room at college. In the clearing I saw another bear, probably the mother of the cub, attacking a person. I ran to him when the urso was backing up to attack again. He looked up at me and asked, "Are you an angel?"
I smiled at him. I felt something in that moment, I knew I had to save him. I charged at the urso as it was heading back towards him. I threw it on the ground and tried to sink my teeth in its throat, but the urso was to strong and it threw me off against a árvore on the opposite side of the clearing. I got up immediately and cut of the bear's path to the boy. I crouched down and pounced at the bear. I took its neck between my hands and twisted it, I sunk my teeth in its neck and felt the warm blood flow down my throat.
I ran back to my stranger, he was drifting to and from conscientiousness. I picked him up in my arms and he moaned in pain. "Shh, everything will be ok." I told him soothingly.
I began to run as fast as I could back to the house. When I believed I was close enough for Edward to hear my thoughts I began shouting his name in my head telling him I need help. I continued to run, my stranger looked up at me again. His eyes showed pain but his face still reminded me of Henry, Vera's son, my best friend before I was a vampire.
The house came into view and I started to yell, "Carlisle father, Edward, Esme mother help me please." I stepped out of the woods carrying the stranger and I saw my family standing on the porch with confused looks on their faces.
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