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This is my midnight sun.this is not Stephenie Meyer's.This is only a fã fiction.Soon i will be composição literária more.There is a few minor changes i have made,for those who notice.Enjoy!

The teacher continued composição literária on the board.The fã blowing letting me inhale every scent in the room.My classmates whispering to there friends.
Just being in the room,sent a burn through my throat.But I controled it.I didn't know how,but i did.It had been two weeks from my last hunting trip.Biology was easy.It always was.It was mais about not killing my classmates when I was thirsty that i was worried about.I've gone through school about 90 times.The same thing over and over again.Never moving forward.Never moving up.A endless nightmare,That i could never wake up from.I heard the rain outside the window.I smelled mais scents as the door opened and closed,over and over again.I heard the teachers in the other classrooms with my keen hearing.
Then the one scent that made my throat rip into a burning,flameing,fire.Mike Newton por her.Chatting about classes.I broke into a shake.That not even i could control.A million thoughts going through my head.Telling me to talk her into going with me somewhere.I forced them out of my head,thinking of my family.And everything Carsisle had built for us.What he has worked so hard for.Because i make one wrong move...I was shakeing hard.Moveing the biology table.Only a little though.She met my gaze.Milky brown eyes stared deep in my soul,if i had one....I could feel only a few of my classmates eyes on me.two maybe three.
She had brown hair that went halfway to her waist,right in the middle of her back.
I looked around.She was the new girl.From Pheonix Arizona.There was only one assento in the entire lab that was open.Beside me.If her scent made me shake this hard,across the room.How would it be beside me?.......
''Yes..Miss.Swan.'' The teacher gave her,her books.She walked down the aisle to my biology mesa, tabela and sat in the empty seat.My throat ripped with a flame.Like steaming hot lava going staight down my throat.I held my breathe.But i could still taste her scent on my tongue.I heard her coração fly,as it beated ever so fastly.I couldn't hear her thoughts though?This was fustraighting.
The wonder going through half my mind.While the other half was thinking of my family.The thirst was on both sides though.The teacher started his lecture.I wasn't listening.I stared at her in pain,wonder,anger,and more.I had to stay away from her.If she was goiong to live,and my family would stay here.I had to stay away.As far as i could.After this class,i planned to go to the office,and get my classes changed.
This the longest hora of my life.The segundo most painful.Second to the burning pain of the transformation from human,to vampire.I saw her look at me in the corner of her eye every few minutes.Yes.The sino was about to ring in the seguinte seven seconds.I couldn't wait any more.I ran out in,inhuman speed.A blur out of the room. In a one,sixth segundo later i was across the school.In a diffrent building.Building A.The office was about fifty six feet away.I ran into the doors.
The sino rang when i walked in human speed,through the double doors to the office.
''Hello,can i help you?'' the lady said at the counter.Her scent now felt like a minor feather going down my throat compared to the pain of Bella's.The girl in the biology room.
I told the women at the counter i wanted my forth period biology moved to something else.She told me nothing else was availible.
Then the pain riped through my throat.Now i knew this scent from anywhere.It was her.She was here again.Who was she?Why did she keep coming back to hurt me?Did she know what I was?Why couldn't I read her mind? All of these perguntas and mais went on in my head,thinking about the demon coming to haunt me with her scent.I half turned my head and shot a glance at her.I turned my head back to the woman at the desk. ''Thankyou.Have a nice day.'' the woman looked concerned for me.I read her thoughts.Aparently i had a tortured,agonized exspression on my face.I faked a smile.I turned to the girl. Bella. She looked confused,and hurt. in one,sixth of a segundo later I was out the door. I ran to the parking lot.
I heard Emmett and Jaspers rough steps behide me.Following me.
''Hey,where are you going?'' Emmett asked.Confused. ''A girls scent..In biology.I can't take it. Emmett,go get your jeep.Im leaving.Now.'' I darted toward my Volvo.
Jasper and Emmett exchanged a glance.I looked at them through my rearview mirror.I drove down the road.One-hundred miles per hour.I had to go somewhere.I would go back to Alaska for a while.
To hunt.I'll be back.I don't know when.But i will.

THE seguinte MORNING
I snarled as i hunted the angry grizzly bear.The urso stood on two legs,growling.Teeth bare.I stood at a half crouch.I bared my teeth,and snarled.I launched myself at the bear.I was on its back.He was trying to shake me off.I angled myself around his neck.I bit the jugular vain,hot steaming blood rushed in my mouth.The urso screeched.His screech broke off in a couch.The urso fell to the ground.I finished.I drank it dry.If I was going to go back,io would be prepared.I would have to hunt for than usual.
I was so ashamed of myself.I knew that i had upset Esme.How would I face my family?With all of the shame I had? The weakness I now own?
How will I go on?I still have to go to school,i still have to face the girl.Its hard to avoide someone is Forks,with such a small little town.I'm sure that Carsisle,or someone of my family has gone through this before.But i can only read the thoughts of what they are thinking at the pressent.And ony Aro,the leader of the Volturi,can read every thought they have every had with just one touch... This was so confusing. So many thoughts going on in my head.It was like I was attracking toward her.Bella,the girl.
There was so much Confusion.I walked on a path to the south,the freezing cold air blew my touseled hair back.I got in my car.It had been at the least,three days.I looked in my mirrior.Besides the snow in my hair.My eyes were almost yellow,a deep and bright gold.And then,i hit the gas and headed back to Forks.
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