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So we, as Twilighters, all know that even IF we both like Jacob and Edward, we're secertely mais devoted to one than the other. Come on, addmitt it! You can't help but amor that crooked smile of Edward's just a little bit mais than Jacob's big grin. And what's so great about a white body? I want my man tall (prefrably 6'7 around there) and dark.
So here, on this soapbox of happiness, we're going to go over the amazing traits, that Edward and Jake DON'T have in common. If I leave something out that you think one has, leave it in your comment! Shout out your Jake or Edward support!

-He may be 100+ years old, but baby he don't look it!
-Could there ever be anyone as tender as him? *shakes her head* we only wish!
-Auburn, ruffled hair and golden eyes. Grr baby!
-That crooked smile *sigh* melt my heart.
-How many of you can honestly say that when they kiss their man, he takes their breath away? Bella put your &$#@)$)(*!#@ hand DOWN! We get your point you spoiled )&$#)!&$!!!!!!!
-Overprotective, yes. Overbearing, no.
-SOOOO understanding of Bella, no matter what. He gets that she's human and makes mistakes.
-How he NEVER yells at Bella or blames her. Lucky girl.
-He's AWESOME vampire abilities! Speed, strength, sight, hearing, smelling, tasting? Hmmm touching? OH yeah! lol jk
-He's incrível love, how it spans time, distance, and all rules. He never loved anyone but her, and he waited for Bella to show up for over 100 years.
-His patiance. You have to amor the way he's so tender, even when he's fed up.
-How he whisperes her name after being apart from her for a few hours. Like he can't believe she survived her bad luck without him there and is so relieved to see her again!
-He's so dang smart! Dartmouth?! Wise guy's smart and stylish :)
-Let's face it, NO ONE can romance like Edward! Dazzle me dazzle me, Edward. I'll fight it as long as I can, as long as you promise to keep looking at me like that until I'm dazzled to pieces! lol
-The fact that he's willing to do ANYTHING for his woman. He's willing to leave for her safty, come back despite his better judgment, let her go if it will make her happy, forgive her for making out with another man, change her into a vampire even though he doesn't want to, do the dirty with her, even though she's just horney and doesn't listen to his warnings, and do ALL these things while kissing, hugging, loving, and treating her like a porclin doll!

-Talk about maturing/growing up over night. Jake went from boy to man instantly! . . . a very hot man!
-Could anyone (besides Jake) say that they got Bella cisne to do something dangerous and spontanious? Nope! They can't! . . . well maybe Alice but we're talking MEN here! lol
-Shaggy black hair, blackish brown eyes, tall, dark skinned, wicked smile. . . man, Jacobs hot Hot HOT!!!
-Let's talking about "my Jacob" for a second. Who can be a kid like Jake and then a man like Jake so fast? No one but Jake!
-Jake can be my personal o espaço heater any day! Just let him get those gangaly arms around me and he can heat up my personal space!
-Can we talk werewolf here for a second? How cool is THAT? If you get sick of his arguing, tell him to grow a tail and cuddle up seguinte to your horse sized teddy wolf! How cute his is wolfy smile?
-Jake's not afraid to let a girl have her o espaço and be independent. He's Bella's adventure buddy. You want to be crazy and careless for a day, you call Jake.
-Not to mention his complete and utter stupid devotion to a taken woman! Despite his odds, Jake gives it his all. . . not always the best thing but that's how he is. He loves Bella so much that he KNOWS he will NEVER imprint on anyone. He can't see beyond her. Awww! *Sniff*
-I forgot to mention his werewolf abilities. Fast, strong, smell, . . . don't forget NO ONE can brag about how awesome his girl is like a werewolf. The whole pack knows how Bella kisses lol.
-The fact that Jake can make the simplest dia great just por his sense of humor. Need we forget about the Washington Taj Mahal? (How the heck do you spell that?! lol)
-He's good with his hands. Fixing cars, motorcycles. He's my handy man! :)
-Come on, let's face it, ALL Native American's are cool! Their history is WAY mais interesting than ours! lol Jake's werewolf history included. Don't forget the fact that he would have the most adorable kids! What a cute daddy Jake would be!
-He may fight dirty, but he can bow out. . . ok KIND of gracefully. He knows when he's lost and he does it without malice to Bella.
-If he gets pissed at you about something, he can't brood about it forever. He'd break the house apart with all his dramatic trembling and shaking :) lol. Let it out honey, just tell me what's bothering you?
-The fact that he's willing to stand around a bunch of vampires, fight his instincts, work with them, fight with them, and befriend them all to protect a woman who doesn't want to be with him. He's willing to do anything to keep her safe, loose sleep, piss off his pack, even go against Edward (Tent scene) to make Bella comfortable and safe. How can you not amor that?

In conclusion (after 15 GREAT traits each) I'd like to say that although we might hate one and amor the other or amor both but favore one, Edward and Jake are two great guys. Heck, roll them together and you've got. . . wow there are no words! All I know is I want two!
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I don't know about the rest of you, but the other night I was watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of fogo and Rob's part as Cedric came along. I couldn't but picture him as Edward Cullen. I am a Harry Potter fan, but this to happen was a first for me.
So, from now on I can't help but to see Edward and not Cedric. I dont know about everyone else here feels the same way.

Other things that make me think about Edward.
- Chicago Style Pizza.
- Some elderly person mentioning Debussy.
- I see a shiny volvo seguinte to me when I am driving
- Listening to Indie música and wondering if edward would like...
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