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oi everybody! I made this Twilight Time Line because there were some dates from the book that I wasn't qutie sure of...like what dia Edward took Bella to the Meadow. With the help of Twilight Lexicon I made this time line for everyone who wants to know a specific encontro, data from the book!

Note to readers: It does go chapter por chapter, so some dates are on there a few times, like when there is mais than one chapter for a day.


Chapter One: First Sight

January 17, 2005- Bella arrives in Forks

January 18, 2005- First dia of school for Bella. She sees Edward for the first time.

Chapter Two: Open Book

January 19, 2005- segundo dia of school. Edward is not there and Bella thinks she has something to do with that.

January 20-23, 2005- The rest of the week passes quietly and uneventful. Edward doesn't return to school and Bella spends the weekend mostly at início apart from her trip to the biblioteca (which doesn’t help her much).

January 24, 2005- It snows, and Edward is back in school and talks to Bella.

Chapter Three: Phenomenon

January 25, 2005- In the school parking lot Tyler Crowley loses control of his furgão, van and nearly crushes Bella, but Edward saves her.

Chapter Four: Invitations

January 25, 2005- Bella dreams of Edward for the first time.

January 26, 2005- Bella becomes the center of attention after the accident (Bella hates this attention), and Edward ignores Bella.

January 27-March 1, 2005- Edward continues to ignore Bella, but she watches him from a distance.

March 2, 2005- Edward talks to Bella for the first time in a while. Eric Yorkie and Tyler asks Bella to the dance, but Bella made plans to go to Seattle the night of the dance.

March 3, 2005- Edward asks Bella to go with him to Seattle.

Chapter Five: Blood Type

March 3, 2005- Bella joins Edward during lunch, away from his family. Edward ditches biology. They are blood typing in class, and Mike is told to take Bella to the nurse because she feels faint. Edward carries Bella the rest of the way when she almost passes out on the sidewalk. Edward then takes her home, and Bells invited Edward to the beach, but Edward declines because he doesn’t think Mike would like it and he’s going camping with Emmett in the Goat Rock Wilderness, and won’t be at school the seguinte day.

Chapter Six: Scary Stories

March 4, 2005- Bella finds herself looking for Edward at luch even though she knows he would be absent. Bella also learns at jantar that night that the Goat Rock (where Edward said he’s be camping) isn’t a good place for camping because of the bears.

March 5, 2005- Bella goes to Fist de praia, praia in La Push with a group from school. Jacob Black (Billy Black’s son, who is a friends of Charlie’s) is there and Bella flirts with him, and he is tricked into telling Bella why the Cullens aren’t allowed on the Quileute lands. This is where Bella gets the idea of vampires.

Chapter Seven: Nightmare

March 5, 2005- Bella comes início from the de praia, praia and goes up to her room and put on headphones and loud música that Phil (Bella’s step dad) gave her so she won’t have time to think. Bella falls asleep and has a nightmare about Jacob and Edward.

March 6, 2005- Bella is awake at 5:00am and searches vampiros on the internet. Bella then takes a walk through the woods. She spends the rest of the weekend at início with Charlie.

March 7, 2005- It’s a sunny Monday morning and Mike tries to ask Bella out on a date. Bella findsmthat not only is Edward gone, but so is his entire family. When Bella goes início she goes outside to read and falls asleep.

March 8, 2005- The weather is sunny again and the Cullens aren’t at school again. After school, Bella goes dress shopping with Jessica and Angela in Port Angeles.

Chapter Eight: Port Angeles

March 8, 2005- After dress shopping, Bella goes out in procurar of a book store but gets lost and is cornered por a group of men but Edward comes along and saves her. Edward then takes Bella to dinner. Bella perguntas Edward, and it comes up that he can read everyone’s mind but her’s.

Chapter Nine: Theory

March 8, 2005- In the car, Bella tells Edward her theory that he is a vampire. When Bella gets início she goes upstairs and is positive of three things: 1. Edward is a vampire 2. There is a part of him that thirsts for her blood 3. She was in amor with Edward.

Chapter Ten: Interrogations

March 9, 2005- Edward drives Bella to school for the first time and sits with her at lunch. Bella dares Edward to eat something and eat takes a bite of pizza. Edward wants to know if Bella would like to go somewhere mais private on Saturday instead of Seattle so he can show her what he meant about the sun.

Chapter Eleven: Complications

March 9, 2005- During science class, they watch a movie and Edward and Bella feel and electric current between them. Edward drives Bella início and tells her she can’t see him hunt because when he hunts, he gives himself up to his senses and it would be too dangerous for her.

March 10, 2005- Edward perguntas Bella and when he takes her início after school, they sit for hours talking. Right before Edward leaves, Jacob and Billy Black pull up and Edward seems upset por this. It is also obvious that Billy believes all of the legends.

Chapter Twelve: Balancing

March 10, 2005- The Blacks came to visit Charlie and Bella and to watch the game on TV

March 11, 2005- Edward drives Bella to school again and continues to ask many questions. Edward ditches his afternoon classes to go hunting with Alice so he can be alone with Bella the following day. Edward also explains that Alice is the most supportive of his family in this situation. Bella also meets Alice for the first time. Edward left a note in Bella’s car saying “Be safe.” That night Bella took cold medicine to help her sleep.

March 12, 2005- Edward picks Bella up in the morning for their dia together. He points out they are wearing the same outfits. They spend most of the morning hiking through the woods.

Chapter Thirteen: Confessions

March 12, 2005- Edward shows Bella how he sparkles in the sunlight. They spend the dia in the meadow. When they leave, Edward shows Bella how he runs, this makes Bella dizzy and almost sick. Edward, now sure he can handle himself, kisses Bella.

Chapter Fourteen: Mind Over Matter

March 12, 2005- On the way home, Edward tells Bella about his family. Edward comes in to the cisne house with Bella and watches her make dinner. Edward confesses he comes to the house almost every night and that Bella talks about her mother in her sleep and is restless when it rains. He also says she says his name a lot, but it was okay because if he could dream, it would be about her. Edward leaves when Charlie gets home. After going through a quick shower, Bella returns to her room and Edward. They spend the rest of the night talking and Bella asking perguntas about why the Cullens don’t feed on humans and physical relationships between vampires. Edward spends the night for the first time with Bella knowing.

Chapter Fifteen: The Cullens

March 13, 2005- Bella meets the Cullen family for the first time and Bella gets to hear Edward play the piano for the first time. Then Edward takes Bella on a tour of the house. When they reach Carlisle’s study, Edward wants to tell Bella about Carlisle’s history.

Chapter Sixteen: Carlisle

March 13, 2005- While in Carlisle’s office, Edward tells Bella about Carlisle’s 300 some years as a vampire. Then they head to Edward’s room. Then Alice and Jasper come to tell Edward that since there is a storm coming, the family has decided to play baseball.

Chapter Seventeen: The Game

March 13, 2005- After leaving the Cullens’ house, Edward takes Bella início to change. Jacob and Billy are waiting on the front porch. They come in and Billy indirectly warns Bella to stay away from the Cullens. Charlie comes início and Bella tells Charlie about her and Edward. Then Edward comes to pick Bella up and they drive some of the way and run the rest of the way to the clearing. During the game Bella realizes why they needed a storm to play: the ball hitting the bat is so loud it sounds like thunder. Alice has a vision that non-vegetarian are coming towards them immediately. Realizes they can’t outrun them with Bella, Edward becomes the referee with Bella seguinte to him.

Chapter Eighteen: The Hunt

March 13, 2005- James, Victoria, and Laurent meet the Cullens. They catch Bella’s sent, and Edward tries to get Bella out of Forks. Then they decide to take Bella back to her house and tell her dad she is going back to Phoenix. Alice and Jasper will take her to Phoenix where they will until Edward can meet her there. With the plan settled, they drive back to Forks.

Chapter Nineteen: Goodbyes

March 13, 2005- Bella convinces her dad to let her go back to Phoenix (using the same words Renee used when she left Charlie), and Edward, Bella, and Emmett drive back to the Cullen house. A plan is made as to who will be where and everyone leaves.

Chapter Twenty: Impatience

March 15, 2005- Bella, Alice, and Jasper stay in the hotel room in Phoenix the entire day. Alice tells Bella how to become a vampire. And Alice has a vision of James in a mirrored room which Bella later recognizes as the ballet studio near her mother’s home.

Chapter Twenty-One: Phone Call

March 16, 2005- Bella gets a phone call from James who says he has Bella mother, and the only way to save her is to get away from Alice and Jasper and go to house and call James with new instructions before noon.

Chapter Twenty-Two: Hide And Seek

March 16, 2005- While at the airport, waiting for Edward’s flight to arrive, Bella sneaks away from Jasper and Alice. At her house, she calls James who gives her instructions to meet him at the ballet studio. When Bella gets there, she learns that James had never had her mother. He used a início video from Bella’s house to make her think her had Renee. James attacks Bella, and she eventually passes out.

Chapter Twenty-Three: The Angel

March 16, 2005- Bella is some what conscious from James’ attack. She hears an “angel” calling her name (Edward is the “angel”) and soon realizes that Edward, Alice, and Carlisle are all there. Carlisle treats her many wounds and leaves Edward to suck the venom out from where James bit Bella. Bella loses consciousness and Edward carries her out.

Chapter Twenty-Four: An Impasse

March 18, 2005- Bella wakes up in a hospital. Edward is there immediately and when her mother comes in the room, he pretends to sleep on a chair. After taking mais pain medicine, Bella drifts back to sleep.

Epilogue: An Occasion

May, 2005- Edward takes Bella to the prom, much to her disliking. Jacob shows up with a message from his dad wanting her to break up with Edward. Bella makes it clear to Edward that she wants to become a vampire.

*Credit to www.twilightlexicon.com for all the dates and such(:

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