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posted by pompeybabe
[This is just my opinion, not meaning to offend anyone or piss anyone off. This is just how I feel.]

There's so much crap on the internet regarding Bella cisne being a terrible, undeveloped, idiotic character. Maybe some of that is true ... I'm not sure. I try not to discuss Stephenie Meyer's composição literária skills too much because I end up screaming at people but she isn't the best, admit it.

Anyway, I personally amor Bella Swan. I am incredibly fed up and aggravated por the idea that women nowadays have to know some kind of immense self-defense or have a super power to be considered a powerful female icon. Power isn't all about physical power.

Bella begins weak, physically and emotionally. Very weak for that matter, this is shown when Edward leaves her. During the period in which he was gone, although still struggling to come to terms with his departure, she becomes a hell of a lot stronger. She shows courage when confronting The Volturi, because let's face it we'd all shit bricks if they came near us, right? She makes a stand when forced to choose between two of the people she loves the most, por refusing to choose either of them. When Edward was about to be killed por Victoria/Riley she acted quickly and diverted them.

Throughout the saga she becomes a hell of a lot stronger. She even stands up to Edward for the life of her child. Some may consider this a ridiculous decision of hers but personally I admire her for it. She saw it as her child, and only her child. Not the monster that everyone was labeling it (she does the same with Edward though). Like a mother does, and should, she only saw the good in it.

I amor Bella because I can relate to her, unlike most other females on TV or in movies.
She is often weak. She does make poor choices. She suffers. She gets hurt. She struggles, and overcomes it. She cries. She complains. She's a cadela, puta and gets angry.

This to me is realistic ... because we all do the same at some point in our lives. She isn't perfect, and neither are we.
Within the past month, I put a pick up on the vampiros Spot asking about people's favorito book series about vampires. In the comments of this pick, I got into an argument about whether the vampiros of Twilight are actual vampiros (lame to argue about this, I know hahaha).
Specifically she was telling me that Edward wasn't really a vampire because "he has no fangs and doesn't need blood to survive, also the sun thing...". I replied saying that just because Stephenie made her vampiros different doesn't mean that they're not vampires. In the end we agreed to disagree.
Personally, I feel that the...
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Hmmm.....ten reasons why I amor Twilight.Well, I think that I have mais than ten.It's practically an epidemic in the world!Yas. Twilight. I could talk about Twilight all day.Here are the reasons why I amor it so much...or just some of them!!!

1. Well, this is obvious.Edward Cullen. Need I say any more? He honestly has to be the most amazing fictional character ever created. Though he's not fictional in my mind. If only. Bella is so lucky lucky lucky.Am I jeallous?God yes!

2.The words that are used are beautiful. Amazing.Charming!Admit it, who didn't want to cry in the meadow scene in Twilight?...
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