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While Bella is unconscience Jacob is still with the boys so he doesn't really know that bella passed out. Christy is a new girl in town, a nurse so when she sees Bella she helps her feel a little bit better. Jacob finally runs into Bella and asks Christy what was wrong with her. "Nothing serious she just hit her head, does she fall down a lot because she doesn't really feel shocked at all?!"
"huh, yeah she tripps over a lot," Jacob sighed awkwardly. [i]Jake, pull yourself together man, what's wrong with you? it must be the weather. Who is this girl anyway?[i] After that dia on Bella and Christy were real good friends. "I don't know about this Chrissy girl or whatever her name is, I have a bad feeling about her. She seems nice and all but I don't know I, I cant see her," Alice said to Bella one dia but Bella as oblivious as she is took no warning and kept the friendship going. "Alice, you don't even know her,or her name of course you won't be able to see her, well not yet anyway, we're going to have jantar tonight with the gang wanna come, shell be there too," bella politely offered. Alice slowly took herself out of the picture she knew the girl had a good coração but did not think her future did. Alice avoided any place where she was.
Slowly Christy started coming over to the Black's house every week till every dia and soon enough she was always with Bella. Jacob had trouble being around Christy and the boys noticed that too so Jacob was always at Sam's place or at início but not really paying much attention to Bella his focus was on someone else. That's right Christy.
"man, jake, you have to face the facts bro. You've imprinted on that friend of Bella's," Jared blurted out. Jacob knewit was true but lied to himself. Finally he admitt it he had but that just meant he had to do 3 things 1-avoid Bella as much as possible so she doesnt pick up his awkwardness around Christy 2-somehow get together with Christy and explain this all to her and 3- get into a fight with bella and divorce her!
Meanwhile Bella starts to hang out at the Cullen's place again. Carlisle and the invited her over for jantar well she would eat and everyone else would talk to her. So she went to there regularly. "so I decided on a little hobby, I buy old houses, renovate them then sell them-it's very fun," Esme said. That was exactly what Bella needed though, to be out of the house and somewhere she could be useful since Jacob didnt want to mover off the renovation she hadn't really got to attend college. "Do you mind if I help, I mean I'm hopeless at início since Jake is always with Sam these dia there's something odd about him these days," Esme was overjoyed "OF COURSE YOU CAN HELP!!!" Esme giggled a bright silvery giggle.
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fogo was everywhere. Though my eyes were closed, I knew the flames were licking up my helpless body. Why couldn't I mover or scream? Why couldn't I flutter my eyelids to witness what was going on? Did they blind me? I started to panic. I tried desperately to twitch just a muscle; for that I would be grateful. No success.
Had my time at the asylum come to an end? I was tired of being treated as a freak. por my parents, my friends, por everyone! So what if I could see the future? It shouldn't matter. I liked being able to have visions. Seeing someone else's life work out made me feel like mine could,...
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Hello ladies lets have a debate!! Team Edward or Team Jacob?!?! Why do you like that character better than the other? What is you favorito quote from Edward or Jacob(doesn't have to be your favorito characters quote!)Are you in amor with that character? Do you like there actor that plays him(i know i do!!) Voice your choice!!

P.S These are my answers: I like Edward better because he is sensitive and protective. My favorito quote is "Do i dazzle you?" i am in amor with Edward!! Duh, i like Robert Pattinson!!