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topo, início 10 Sexiest Male Characters on CW Shows

topo, início 10 Best TV Boyfriends

topo, início 10 Sexiest Male televisão Characters

topo, início 10 Most Underappreciated TV Actors

topo, início 10 Worst TV Boyfriends

topo, início 10 Sexiest Male Teachers in filmes & TV

♛ KAI is your daddy. [+7x08] [+18]

Kai | Dysfunctional

David Haller | Somebody else might take my place.

David Haller [Legion] | Dysfunctional

kai anderson || dysfunctional [+1x03]

kai anderson || dangerous [+7x02]

tate and kai anderson || ready or not [AU]

[AHS] Kai Anderson: You Should Be Scared Of Me [+7x01]

Kai Anderson I Dysfunctional (AHS Cult)

▶ kai anderson │colors│ahs cult

Kai Anderson | Dysfunctional

kai anderson || taking back the crown

Philip Shea | Eyewitness

Save Myself | Philip Shea

Philip Shea | Eyewitness

Philip Shea // You can't change who you are

Philip Shea | Sunrise [+1x10]

Philip Shea (Tyler Young) - Eyewitness

paralyzed || philip shea

Male Characters | Womanizer

Multimale || DANGEROUS (My Bday Collab)

● multimale | seven nation army

► multimale | my pónei, pônei

Multimale | 24/7


» Multimale Collab | Womanizer

topo, início 10 Modern TV Dads We Wish Were Ours

Philip Shea || i'll be good

philip shea ・ lonely road

philip shea ✗ unsteady

Philip Shea || Help Me Out

Philip Shea || Okay

Philip Shea |"I just can't live here anymore"[+1x06]

[Ats] angel | Monster

"Call me a sinner.." John Mitchell (Being Human)

Jude Kinkade ❖ I Could

topo, início 10 Hottest Bad Boys On TV

ROSS POLDARK // Broken Arrows

Jude Kincade | Burnin' up

Francis Poldark » Sing It Out

topo, início 10 Sexy Male TV vampiros

Zero || All I Know

Victor Frankenstein | An Inner Clockwork (Penny Dreadful)

Victor Frankenstein | A Beautiful Monster (Penny Dreadful)

Meds || Victor Frankenstein [PENNY DREADFUL]

~Ghosttown~//~Ethan Chandler~Penny Dreadful~

(Vikings) Ragnar Lothbrok || Cold

► Zero; or nah?

Connor Walsh ⌘ stripped

Connor | Hungry

Jude (Hit The Floor) // It Can Be Lonely

● Multi-Male | DNA

Logan/Ryan/Fitz | Dust Bowl Dance

Why Do All Superhero televisão Shows Fail Except One? por Peter Russell

topo, início 10 Beloved TV Characters

Multimale ||Light em' up

C O U N T † R I A R I O

[W]esley [W]yndam-[P]ryce | Demons

multimales | blue jeans

MultiMale || do your thing

we're the freaking Winchesters | sobrenatural

Dean Winchester | The best of [HUMOR]

Dean Winchester - Recovery

Captain Hook | 99 Problems

►Multimale | Womanizer (for cloudxshadow)

»multi-male characters || talk dirty«

►MultiMale || Collard Greens [+sukerlover147]

MultiMale ║99 Problems

Peter Pan x Captain Hook ↭ Take control

[ouat] Peter Pan/Rumple » seguro and Sound

Peter Pan | So Cold [3x11]

Peter Pan (OUAT) Feel it in my bones

Peter Pan -- Light Em Up ( 3x09)

Talk dirty to me - Peter Pan

►Peter Pan | FLESH

Game of Shadows & Hearts | Peter Pan & sininho | OUAT

Peter Pan I'm losing you

►Peter Pan || "Peter Pan Never Fails"

Peter Pan || U N S T O P P A B l E [OUAT]

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich ~ Peter Pan

Breath of Life - Peter Pan

Peter Pan - Mercy

I knew you were trouble Peter Pan

[OUAT] Peter Pan ● "He's a bloody demon."

The best of | Peter Pan [+3K]

Peter Pan | I Believe

devil within || once upon a time || peter pan

Peter Pan Radioactive in the Dark

Peter Pan Courtesy Call

Peter Pan Run This Town

Peter Pan - Monster

► Peter Pan | My leftovers [Tribute 3A]

→ Peter Pan+Rumplestiltskin || "Villains don't get happy endings"

[ouat] Peter Pan/Rumple » Villains don't get happy endings